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Starting a Restaurant Business in an Airport

With the increasing number of people using air travel, people from all over the world become more and more connected. And as the world becomes more connected, more opportunities are created. For business owners, this means an opportunity to increase their international exposure and widen their reach in the market. If you are looking for a new venture that has a great potential to succeed, then you might want to try building a restaurant in an airport.

Restaurant Business in an Airport

The Benefits of Running a Restaurant in an Airport

You might wonder how running a restaurant in an airport could benefit you given that the fees to opening and maintaining an airport restaurant are extremely expensive. Yes, when it comes to capital and operation cost, airport restaurants are expensive compared with local stores you see at the streets. But as a business owner, you should know that having a store inside an airport provides a lot of great benefits, and here are some:

  • More potential profits. As you know, many people arrive at the airport earlier to avoid missing their flights. Some get there at least 2-3 hours before their flight. And early arrival means more time waiting in the airport; thus, more time spending eating and drinking before boarding the plane.
  • More security. Aside from large potential profits, one of the primary reasons why you would want to start building a restaurant in an airport is because of the security. Since the terrorist attacks in September 2011, airport terminals and other places where public transportations are available have imposed tighter security measures and civil aviation safety standards to make sure that the public remains safe all the time. With your restaurant being inside a secured place, like an airport, you can be sure that you, your staff, and customers are safe from any intruders or attackers.

How to Start a Restaurant in an Airport

Just like in building a brick-and-mortar business at your local streets, starting an airport restaurant also requires researching, acquiring necessary documents to start, and finding the available space to setup your business. Here are some important steps to follow:

Step 1: Research the airport wherein you would like to launch your restaurant business. You don’t necessarily have to go personally in the area as you can also do this by visiting their website. But of course, it’s also a good idea to check the airport personally if you want to effectively examine the place. From there, you will determine if the type of restaurant you wish to open already exists, or if there is enough of a customer base that would support your business. It’s also a good idea to take a research on other airports, so you’ll have many options.

Step 2: Look into the locations within the airport terminal that might be available to you. Talk to the airport manager and determine if which of those locations you find are still available to lease. But before you sign any contract, make sure that you understand and know everything that you have to know, including the approximate size of the space, the cost of monthly rent, and any special needs that your restaurant business may require.

Step 3: Make sure that you meet the airport standards and acquire the necessary documents that you need to start your operations, including registration account, licensed to do business, tax credentials, and other documents that are required. Do your research, and ask the airport managers/operators what are the requirements that you need to present to start running your own restaurant in an airport.

Becoming a Chicago Locksmith

In this day and age when everyone cares about their privacy and security and has locks on their doors, locksmiths are highly demanded, as they can make duplicate keys, install locks in businesses and homes, open your doors for you when you forget your keys, and more. Locksmiths are needed in this day and age, and if you’re someone that lives in Chicago and are considering becoming a Chicago locksmith, this article will tell you exactly what you need to do and the skills that you need to acquire in order to become one.


A locksmith needs to undergo a training program in order to begin working, or they could also opt for apprenticeship. The requirements of each state is different, and some states expect locksmiths to have a license in order to begin training. Depending on the sector of your profession, a locksmith may have 3 or 4 months’ worth of experience. No formal educational degrees are necessary; however, a locksmith needs to complete a training program.


How to become a locksmith

First and foremost, one has to have had a formal education in locksmithing. For those who want to be Chicago locksmiths, they have the option of doing their courses online alongside the traditional methods of training, which include state locksmith associations, vocational schools and community colleges. One can also opt for specialized courses, which teach automotive and motorcycle locksmithing. As mentioned previously, one can also opt for apprenticeships, which require one to train under a highly experienced locksmith.

Gaining work experience is the next step to becoming a locksmith. There are some states that require at least a year’s full-time work experience in order to obtain a license. If necessary, a trainee locksmith can contact local locksmith workplaces for work. Next, get a locksmith license. Although this isn’t necessary for every state, this is also a way to ensure authenticity and to assure the customers of their safety. The licensing requirement are different for each state, but most states require the person to pass background checks and to give their fingerprints to federal fingerprint databases and to the state.

One also needs a professional certification, which requires them to pass 4 exams with 70% or higher scores in each. Once a trainee has become a locksmith, he/she can also opt to take advanced education or training to expand their field of experience. This is totally optional, but it is for the good of the locksmith, as he/she can stay up to date on the laws required in this field as well as the technologies. Also, for those who want to earn higher certifications in this field, these advanced courses can also help them pass those certification tests.

Bottom Line

Being a locksmith requires a lot more training and skills than just knowing how to pick a lock. For those interested, they need to take courses, either online or in any institution that offers it near you, or they can opt for apprenticeship, in order to learn the tricks of the trade from the highly experienced.

Game App: Clash of Clans

There are quite a few games that can be downloaded for mobile or tablet use. With the birth of the brand new and latest technology that we have today, it is no longer unusual that almost every day, there is a brand new mobile app being launched. One of such that was made popular for a lot of people would be the Clash of Clans. This is a strategy type of game. It was originally designed only for Apple users. It can readily be downloaded through the app store in ios. Yet as more and more people wants to play it, clash of clans download was also made available for android users. Many people of varying age group used this game as it is available for free. If you will take a look at its rating, you can see that it has quite high reviews from loads of its players. This is because the game is known to be engaging and highly addictive. Given such, the game was no longer a past time for many since; several hours are spent playing it.

Game App- Clash of Clans

SuperCell is the developer of the said game. Because of the popularity of Clash of Clans, they already become among the top developers of games for Apple. The other game that they are known for is Hay Day. Because these two games are well liked by lots of users, SuperCell was even able to challenge a top game developer such as EA Sports which already have over a hundred games developed. The success of SuperCell can all be because of the major anticipation of people for its game Clash of Clans. The particular game was able to gross huge revenue for the company. Learn more at

It was sometime in 2010 when Clash of Clans or CoC as it is known to many was launched in the app store. Ever since that time, the game already had several updates. To be able to cater to its increasing number of users, the game was also made available in different language. Because of mild cartoon violence, it has a 9+ rating. Once downloaded, it will eat up around 47.9 MB of your total device space. Many loved this app because it is stable and crash happens very seldom. For the 3rd, 4th and 5th generation of iPod Touch and newer versions of iPhone, the game was fully optimized.

Although Clash of Clans can be downloaded for free, there are also in-app purchases for the game such as to buy gems or coins. With these in-app purchases, the developer was able to make good revenue. Knowing that the game is addicting and everyone would like to level up within the quickest time possible, a lot of its users really spend that much of money for the game. Because the game is addictive, children must be monitored while using the mobile of tablet devices. Parents must be meticulous in keeping passwords so as to prevent the kids making in-app purchases and other unnecessary things as well.

Selling Cars Guide

For anyone who is looking to buy a brand new van or car, selling the old one first should be the priority. Even though the van the van that you are selling is used, it still has its value. This is known as the sales value. This can be used to further lessen the cost when you will get a new vehicle. When you already made up your mind to make the Mercedes metris van for sale, below are some of the selling guides that you need to consider.

Selling Cars Guide

Value of the used vehicle

The first thing to determine would be the sales value of your van. The best way to figure it out is to look up its value using the magazine and quite a few websites to navigate as well. The estimated market value will be depending on the vehicle’s year and model type.

It is best to keep in mind that even though basis can be found online or on the magazine, every vehicle is unique. Hence, the value will surely be different from the others.

An example of such is if you are the first owner of the vehicle. Aside from that, if you maintained it on its optimum condition without any accident involvement, its value may be high. Otherwise, if you have also purchased it used, then, it is likely that the value decreases.

Best ways to sell

The next thing to think about would be the fastest way to dispose the car. Determine the best way for other people to know that your vehicle is for sale. You can choose from:

  • News paper or magazine advertisements.
  • Online advertising.
  • Word of mouth or referrals from family and friends.
  • Displaying the vehicle in a pre-owned car distributor.
  • Vehicle trading with other seller.

One good way of making sure that you can get the highest possible price for your car is being your own salesman. With that, there is no need to get in touch with other sales person to sell the car. It can save you from paying commission to the other person. Usually, the middleman asks for huge commission after the sale is made. Read more at

Although being your own salesman can be challenging, it is only a matter of time management and proper planning. This means that you need to ensure that you will have time to attend to inquiries of potential buyers and be ready to show them the actual look of the van or car. Moreover, being a salesman means being firm with your words. It is not good to be manipulated by the customer. Make them think that you know exactly what you are doing and you know what you want. Being firm with your price also means being confident of what your car type can offer. Thus, it is very advisable to be real about the model and year of the car. If there are any issues, you also need to stipulate it so as the buyer will not have any issues after the sale.