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Your Computer Might Start Cooking for You

Don’t let that headline spook you. Recall the Jetson’s had a computer that provided all their meals? And, there have been countless other movies and shows that insist we will eventually be served by artificial intelligence (AI). In fact, in 1969 Neiman-Marcus advertised a $10,600 kitchen computer manufactured by Honeywell. It was a joke, but some people took it seriously.

Computers are essential to life. You can hardly find a job if you don’t know how to utilize a number of different pieces of software. So, when it comes to computers, it makes sense that you would use a guide on the best speakers for your computer. Obviously, you want your cooking shows to be audible. In fact, you might want your computer to read the recipes to you. So, good speakers are imperative. You’ll eventually have to determine the value in an included subwoofer for those purposes.

Your Computer Might Start Cooking for You

The History of Computers and Cooking

It took another 20 years before anyone could boast about a computer in the kitchen. Up until then, the best thing computers could do is provide you with a glorified recipe box. They offered spreadsheets to keep track of your favorite meals. However, in 1989, something else happened. Learn more.

The Culinary Institute of America’s St. Andrews Café, located in Hyde Park, NY, and is credited with that newfangled computer capability. They were proud to announce that they had the first commercial computer capable of calculating a meal’s nutritional data. At the end of a customer’s meal, they were able to provide a printout that illuminated the nutrient analysis. If you were lucky, you discovered that you had enjoyed a meal that was nutritious as well.

The World Wide Web

The Internet was the true initiator of the computer cooking revolution though. Prior to that, CD-ROMs rife with cooking shows, was the closest thing to cooking computerization. But, they were about to lose their value. This occurred when Epicurious launched in 1995. Impressively, it is still one of the favorite recipe databases available.

A California-based company, Digital Chef, is one of the earliest companies to offer streaming video. They also provided their users with a unique option. They could scale their recipes by inputting the number of diners they were expecting to feed. Sadly, most users didn’t have the bandwidth necessary to actually use the videos and the company closed pretty quickly.

Touch Screens

Electrolux took the next conceivable step by creating the Screenfridge. They assumed that customers would eventually want computers in their refrigerators. This 1999 invention provided the potential to order food, add video memos, or look at recipes through the fridge’s touchscreen. Read more.

3Com, created the truly kitchen based computer, the Ergo Audrey. It wasn’t a cooking computer, but it did recognize the kitchen as the hub of the family. Email, web browsing, and recipe research could all be done from the comfort of that kitchen centered computer.

The Real Cooking Computer

We’ve taken you through the history, and now it’s time to reveal the true cooking computer. IBM has created Chef Watson. This AI is capable of cooking food based on your specified ingredients. It cooked a meal for Leo Benedictus based on four ingredients: chicken livers, Greek yogurt, tequila, and wasabi. Benedictus admits that humans have served him worse food. Read the whole article right here. Computers have come a long way. It will be interesting to see where they take us in the culinary realm.

How You Can Eat Healthy While Eating Out

You may think that just because you are eating in a restaurant, you already have a good excuse to order unhealthy food and just forget about your diet. It is okay if you are on a cheat day because you are encouraged to eat anything that you want once a week so you will be motivated to stay on track the rest of the week but what if you would be invited to eat out every night, will you eat the right thing? You can learn some fast food eating tips here.

How You Can Eat Healthy While Eating Out

Do not let all of your hard work in researching at Dove Press and the strenuous exercises you have done to go to waste by ordering the wrong food in the restaurant. Here are just a few of the things that you can do:

  1. When you are eating out, it is not the time for you to be meek. If you do not want your fish to be pan fried, ask the waiter if it can be prepared any other way. You may want to have it steamed or even grilled as long as you will have it your way.
  2. Be careful of the sides. There is a big possibility that your food will be served with some side dishes of mashed potato or french fries. These food products are surely yummy but they can also give you extra calories that you just do not need. You can ask for a side order of vegetables instead that are steamed without the extra butter.
  3. Ask for extra vegetables – A lot of times, when you order at restaurants, you will notice that the side order of vegetables that will be given to you are usually so small that it will barely fill you up. You can offer to pay extra to get an extra order of veggies. Do not finish your meat if you are already full. You can have it packed and eat it again some other time.
  4. Have two appetizers instead of just one main meal – You may be tempted to eat an entree and even get one side order. This will cause you to eat more than you should. You may want to have two appetizers instead that will be enough to fill you up. At the same time, you can choose sides that will fit your diet.
  5. Choose your salad wisely – You may assume that just because you are eating a salad you are already being healthy. You are not being healthy if your salad is full of cream and a lot of garnish that cannot be considered fat free. Choose salads that come with clear sauces and stay away from any salad that is creamy or contains a high amount of mayonnaise.

One tip that you can do is to check the menu of the restaurant that you are going to eat at before you leave home. This will give you the opportunity to study the menu in advance. You will notice more descriptions about the food that you might not notice in the restaurant. With all of these tips mentioned above, you will not be ruining your diet even when you eat out.

How Restaurants (and Homes) Can Save Water Every Day

Water: it’s something we use every day. Not only is it great for drinking and bathing, it is also a critical component to cooking many recipes. However, just because you need to use water to cook doesn’t mean it doesn’t just end up going down the drain. Every time you drain pasta or vegetables, water is going into sewer systems when it could be used in other ways.

If you are looking for ways to help your restaurant or home save water, consider these tips to get you started.

How Restaurants (and Homes) Can Save Water Every Day

Water Treatment Systems

Many people don’t realize that water treatment systems can be attached to their businesses or homes. In fact, tank water treatment options create an excellent opportunity to turn waste water into water suitable for irrigation. That means, instead of that pasta water making its way into the sewer, it can be filtered and redirected to keep your landscape healthy.

Advanced systems have the ability to treat all of the waste water that leaves a facility including bathroom and laundry water. Not only is this a great way to help the environment, it can also lower your monthly water bill when compared to using fresh water to manage your irrigation needs.

Low Flow Toilets and Faucets

If you want a solution that, once it is installed, you don’t have to think about it again, consider installing low flow toilets and faucets. These pieces are designed to use less water with every use, helping lower your overall consumption. High-efficiency spray valves can give you all of the performance you need to loose food particles from dirty dishes without requiring as much water to do it.

For those who don’t want to risk a change in performance of necessary kitchen fixtures, even lowering the water flow in guest restrooms can make a big difference for a larger restaurant.

High-Efficiency Dishwashers

Dishwashers are like any other appliance; after a while, they don’t perform as well as they could. As technological advances allow us to access more efficient appliances, replacing your dishwasher can potentially lead to savings. Combine that with more high-efficiency detergents and you can expect perfectly clean dishes without all of the waste.

Rain Barrels and Proper Plants

Another solution for keeping your landscaping water use down is the use of rain barrels. You can collect rain water during storms and save it for times when you plants need watering. Make the watering count for even more by only tending to the landscape during early morning or late evening hours. Lower temperatures prevent evaporation, allowing the water to do more good. You can also install rain sensors on any irrigation systems, preventing the system from turning on when it detects rain. That way, you won’t have to use any water through the building (unless you choose to also filter your waste water), you can save as much water as possible, and you can still keep a nice outdoor space.

You can also look for plants that are drought resistant or are designed to thrive based on the rainfall in your area. Plants are more likely to do well in specific climates. While you can plant items that are not designed for your climate, they can be much harder to keep healthy. In cases where droughts are common, sticking to a desert landscape can be easier and cheaper to maintain.

Should you become a chef? Definitely!

Choosing a career in the culinary field could change your life forever. You will possibly be working at a top restaurant, café or in a hotel depending on the option that appeals to you. There is always a huge demand for chefs and this makes it one of the most appealing career options in the world. People that work as a chef usually have a great passion for food and creating dishes that are delicious so if you find that you have always enjoyed cooking this might be the right career choice for you. Here are a few reasons why it is a great option.

Should you become a chef? Definitely!

Growth and prospects

Working in the food preparation industry offers a lot of growth because you will most probably start as a lower ranked chef in the kitchen and you can work your way up to an executive chef. The money is great even though the work is hard. If you have always wanted to see the world this might be the option for you because you can find work as a chef on a cruise liner.

Creativity unleashed

If the smell and taste of food motivates you and affects your senses in a passionate way you will be able to unleash your culinary creativity by creating fantastic and innovative dishes wherever you are employed. Perhaps you will come up with something that is going to make you famous. Click here to take a look at some creative dishes.

Use new and eco-friendly methods to do your part for the environment

There are many famous restaurants and chefs that are using wonderful methods like recycling and composting to sustain resources and make a change. Composting is a fantastic way to recycle and by doing it you will be known as a chef that cares about the environment.  Notice that the worm factory is a great solution to start composting with.

Job satisfaction

People that work in the food preparation industry love it. To everyone else it might seem absolutely insane because it is usually chaos in the kitchen with people running around and dishes being prepared but to a chef it is a dream come true. If you enjoy food and you love it when people enjoy your food than you will love working in this industry and enjoy the prestige of being a chef.

Travel the world!

As previously mentioned becoming a chef will allow you to take a job just about anywhere including a cruise ship or an international hotel. The choice is yours. The job is diverse and any hotel or restaurant is always looking for new creative ways to spice up their menus. If you have seen a hotel in Switzerland for example that you always dreamt of working at apply, you never know. This is truly the beauty of this career choice. Your skills will always be in demand and you will never run out of options when choosing where to work. Take a look at some of the best chef jobs around the world here.

How to Take a Restaurant World Tour

Foodies are present in any culture, and some of the finest cuisine can be found all around the world.  If you are looking for a unique vacation that can combine your love of food with some of the most interesting destinations across the globe, consider taking a restaurant world tour.  Give your taste buds the trip of a lifetime, while being budget conscious, and you can have a once in a lifetime experience.

To set up a trip of this magnitude, a fair amount of planning is required.  For tips on how to schedule your trip, focus on these key areas to make sure all of the major pieces are covered.

How to Take a Restaurant World Tour

Pick Your Cities

While how you choose your cities can be highly personal, it is a critical first step to the overall planning of your trip.  If there are specific restaurants you would like to visit, you should make their cities a priority.  From there, consider the kinds of cuisine you would like to explore, as well as if there are any major stops between your must-do locations that may provide an excellent experience.

Plan Your Route

Once all of your cities are chosen, you can decide the order in which you will visit them, as well as explore transportation options between the destinations.  For longer parts of your journey, search for discount airfare to get you where you want to be.  If some locations are closer together, check into local train or bus services.  In some cases, you may be able to find a taxi or car service, or you may even be able to rent a car yourself.

Your modes of transportation are an important component, as travel time between locations may affect when you need to schedule your hotel reservations or other time sensitive stops.  By laying out a plan for your route, you can estimate when you will be at each location and plan activities from there.

Make Reservations

The most obvious reservations you will need for your trip will be for an accommodations required along the way.  It can also be one of the more costly aspects of the trip, making it a necessity to arrange early.  You can consider traditional hotels and motels, youth hostels, and even services like Airbnb to help you find options across any budget.

Once your accommodations are secure, you will want to go forward making your other reservations.  If specific restaurants are part of your trip, contact them directly to see if you can secure a reservation.  While not every establishment has a reservation system, those that do can help you guarantee that you will have the opportunity to experience your dream meal.

Since your restaurant tour doesn’t have to be entirely about food, consider additional activities that catch your interest.  At times, reservations may be required, while others are more flexible.  Some attractions offer advanced tickets, sometimes at a discount, which may help you manage your overall budget more effectively as well.

Special Requirements

While most people don’t worry about packing for a trip until it is almost time to go, there are some items that may need some planning.  Make sure you will have access to enough of any prescription medications that may be needed on the trip, as well as certain over-the-counter options which may not be available in all places.

If you have pets, or would like to have a home sitter, make arrangements for someone to provide the necessary care well before your trip.  Finding someone last minute may be challenging, and could derail an otherwise well-planned trip.  Make sure you consider all of your home needs for when you are away, and you will feel much more relaxed.

How to Maintain Your Restaurant’s Success

There are a lot of small restaurants that were okay in the beginning but as time went on, their customers started dwindling and they are forced to go out of business. Having a restaurant can be fulfilling especially if it has always been your passion but you know that if people would start to see that your restaurant is deteriorating, there is a big chance that they will not come back anymore. Proper maintenance of your restaurant is always needed. You have to pay attention to the different aspects of your restaurant. For example, you need to maintain the service of your staff. You can do this by letting them undergo training from time to time. You need to maintain the cleanliness of your restaurant. You can do this by assigning different staff members to work stations that they can be responsible in. At the same time, you can monitor who among your staff continuously cleans and do their jobs and who are not doing anything at all. The way that your restaurant looks should also be maintained. Take an honest look around your restaurant and tell me what you see. Do you think that the tables are still clean and can manage to hold up in a few more years? Are the walls of the restaurant still clean or is the paint starting to peel off? Is your roof leaking? If so, you need to contact guardian roof replacement at the soonest possible time. You do not want your customers to avoid your restaurant like plague because of a leaking roof. There are still other key principles that you have to remember to make sure that your restaurant’s success can be maintained.

How to Maintain Your Restaurant’s Success

  • Make sure that you are still focused on your restaurant.

Your lack of focus on your restaurant will be the number one reason for your restaurant’s downfall. If you just let your staff members do whatever they want to do and if you disregard the upgrades that you should do then your restaurant will deteriorate.

  • Remember to show your personality through your restaurant.

You may think that you have to be the same with the rest of the crowd. You want to have a restaurant that will showcase your personality because if you would not stand out, there is no reason why people should visit your restaurant out of all the other restaurants in the area.

  • The quality of your food should always be evident.

You need to remember that your food’s quality should always be good. People will be able to see if there is hair on their food. It can be worse if there are insects that would mix in with the food. Do not allow this to happen. You can only stop bad scenarios like this if you would be determined to maintain your whole restaurant. Remember that there will be times when you have to work with other companies in order to maintain your restaurant. Do not hesitate to do this because this increases your restaurant’s chance to succeed further in the future.

Keeping Your Restaurant Clean – It Is Easy

One of the things that you have to focus on is keeping your restaurant clean. If you would be unable to do this, it will be hard for you to make your customers come back. No matter how amazing your food tastes like and no matter how much training you let your employees have, nothing good will come out of it if your restaurant is not clean.

Can you imagine if your customers would be sitting on chairs that are less than pristine? It can make them horrified if they would see some pests just walking around your restaurant. Even if they like what you are serving, they will not come back. You know that you cannot just use PestKilled to get rid of the pests inside your restaurant although it may help, you still need to know the ways on how you can keep your restaurant clean.

Keeping Your Restaurant Clean - It Is Easy

Here are some of the simple tips that you can follow to make your restaurant better and cleaner than ever:

  1. Make sure that there are employees that will be responsible for certain areas.

This means that your employees are not only supposed to cook or to serve. They should be responsible in keeping some of the areas clean. This means that the person who is in charge of the counter must make sure that the counter is always clean. If it becomes dirty, then it is the person’s responsibility. This will make it easier for messes and spills to be fixed at the soonest possible time.

  1. Remember that there are some areas that need to be cleaned often.

The kitchen area is one of the places that would need to be cleaned often. The dining area can be cleaned every after customer leaves so that it will be clean for the next customer but the kitchen area would need to be cleaned every few hours especially if the kitchen is particularly busy. This will ensure that the food that you are serving is clean and will not cause any harm to your many customers.

  1. Pay attention to some items that you might take for granted.

When was the last time that you have cleaned your cooler? When was the last time that you actually cleaned the inside of your ovens? These are items that are being used often so the chances that dirt will accumulate fast are very likely. If in case you do not know what else to clean, you may have these items inside your restaurant: coffee machine, knives, cookware, floor drain, etc.

  1. Make your restrooms appealing.

This is again another area that you should not forget. You will not be able to avoid people searching for the rest room especially if they need to relieve themselves. If you would not keep your restroom clean, you can expect that they will not like it very much. They may say that they like what you are serving but the restroom makes them not want to go back.

These are just a few things that you have to remember when it comes to keeping your restaurant clean. Can you still think of a few other things that will allow you to have a great looking and sparkling clean restaurant?

Have an Outdoor Family Reunion BBQ Worth Remembering

Family reunions are a tradition for many. During summer months, having an outdoor gathering can be a great way to celebrate being together while being able to take part in a wide range of activities and great foods straight from the grill or smoker. If you are looking for fun ways to make your next gathering one for the record books, consider having these unique offerings for you family to enjoy.

Have an Outdoor Family Reunion BBQ Worth Remembering

Games for All Ages

Having a variety of games can provide hours of fun for kids, or those who are simply kids at heart. While games like horseshoes may be classic barbeque staples, there are a wide variety of options to choose from to help keep everyone entertained.

If you want to add an activity that is fun, challenging, and even has a hint of danger, consider an oversized game of Jenga. The game is played just like the tabletop version, but has blocks made from cut down 2 x 4’s instead of the traditional blocks. The larger size makes the game feel particularly precarious, but is simple enough that almost anyone can play.

Ladder golf is another interesting activity that can often be made fairly cheaply. The ladders can be constructed of PVC piping, and then all you need are some tennis balls connected by pieces of rope. You can even set different challenges to keep the game interesting as the day goes on.

Koob is another game that is fairly easy to make, and is very easy to play. Effectively, you will be throwing sticks at wooden blocks, which makes this game highly accessible to anyone who can toss a stick through the air.

Great Food

One of the best part about barbeques is the food. Whether you like to use a traditional gas or charcoal grill, or are a fan of offset smokers, an outdoor event is a great excuse to cook some of your favorites. Whether you stick with traditional offerings of burgers and hotdogs, take it to the next level with ribs or briskets, or try something more exotic like ostrich or satay, you are certain to find a wide variety of crowd-pleasing items for guests to choose from.

Take to the Air

Another perk of being outdoors is the ability to enjoy the open air. With that enjoyment comes a variety of new activity options that are generally not suitable for the indoors. If there is a good breeze, flying kites can be great fun. If it is a bit more still, and you want to try getting some interesting video of the event, consider bringing a small drone with an attached camera. Not only are they fun to fly, but you can observe the event from the same vantage point as the birds. If you are interested in finding a suitable drone, consider this site to begin your search.

Create a Photo Booth Area

If you want to give everyone the chance to capture some unique memories, consider setting up a photo booth area. You can a variety of props, and a fun backdrop, and let everyone express their unique personalities and styles. Not only that, but it serves as a great way to collect a large number of photographs to create a memory book with later, creating a fun souvenir for everyone who was able to attend.

How to Make Your Restaurant’s Menu Appealing

What usually makes you watch the news? Is it because you are naturally interested in what’s happening to the world? Is it because there are some topics that you want to understand further? Perhaps it is the way that the news has been delivered. You know that you cannot resist watching, listening or reading when Mark Dubowitz is involved.

This is the same with the menu that you are showing to the customers of your restaurant. You want them to study your menu like it is the most important thing they have seen. You want them to have trouble making a choice with what they want because the food that you offer all seems very appealing.

How to Make Your Restaurant’s Menu Appealing

There are a lot of restaurant owners who are too focused on the design of their restaurant, their employees and the business that they forget about small aspects like the menu. What does your menu look like at present time? If you are a customer, would you actually find your menu appealing?

You want a menu that can dazzle your customers. You want them to actually smile when they see your menu. You want them to show their appreciation through their eyes as they skim through the words that are written there. Make a good impression on your business by making sure that you will fix your menu by doing the tips that will be mentioned below:

  • Make sure that your food descriptions are well written.

If you are offering food that are not very common, you cannot expect people to understand what you are trying to serve unless you would place an awesome food description that will be enough to make them imagine how the taste would be. Place details on how the food will be cooked. You cannot say that a piece of meat is pan fried if you have grilled it. Make the food descriptions honest so that your customers will know what to expect.

  • Invest in a menu cover

It will not be too appealing if people can already see what you are serving without having to turn the menu. You want to make your menu look like it has been made by a professional and you can do this if your menu cover looks great. You may want to look for paper that is hard and not flimsy so people will have a delight looking and turning your menu.

  • Add the right photos

You do not need to have photos of all the food that you are going to place on your menu but perhaps you can add photos of those that are new or those that sell best in your restaurant. Make sure that the photos look like they are professionally done because placing bad quality photos may turn off your customers.

  • Target different markets

Who are the people that you expect to dine in your restaurant the most? If you would expect that the people who would be there are all millennial then perhaps you can make your menu have terms that millennial will understand. Focus on the names of your dishes too. The more appealing they are to your market, the more likely they will have a grand time choosing from your menu.

Your menu does not have to be extensive and it does not have to contain so much food. You can keep your menu simple and make sure that you will offer great food so that people will come back.

How to Be Healthy (Even if You Love Cooking)

You may be someone who loves to cook. In fact, you may be learning how to cook right now by taking some courses from cooking schools. Your love for cooking allows you to cook often and of course, who would taste all of the wonderful food that you create but you? You may invite your family members to eat too but it is already expected that if you love to cook, you love eating too.

Whenever you cook, you are not required to cook for more than one person especially if you are going to eat on your own. If you do this, you will have the tendency to eat more than you should because you do not want what you have eaten to spoil. This is the first tip that you have to remember: Never cook more than what you can eat. You can only break this rule if you are not going to eat alone.

How to Be Healthy

There are still other things that you can do to stay healthy such as the following:

  • Make an effort to exercise.

You may say that cooking is your exercise but your hands are going to work more than your feet. This may not be too effective for the type of exercise that your body needs. You can still exercise at home with the use of a few equipment and you do not need high end equipment too. Even the use of resistance bands can already be effective. You can search for videos online of people exercising with the use of resistance bands or you may also hire a personal trainer to help you out.

  • Get rid of stress.

Do you realize that you have the tendency to eat more when you are feeling stressed out? This is because your body is trying to find a way to cope up with things that are happening around you. You would like to feel some satisfaction even if your life is disappointing in your opinion. Feeling stressed out may be hard to avoid but if you can get rid of things that stress you out, you will find yourself eating just enough too.

  • Make sure that the food that you cook are not boring.

Some people who love cooking cannot help but cook the same food all over and over again. When you do this, you will have the tendency to increase your portions or the food that you cook because you already know how they taste like. When you cook new food, you will cook in smaller portions because you do not know yet if it is going to be a success.

  • Meditate

Cooking may relax you and this explains why you love cooking but if you want to de-stress and get rid of negative emotions that may be hounding you, try to meditate. You need to be in a room free from outside noise. You may also make it dark if you want. Just sit in the middle of the room and clear your mind of your worries and emotions. You will feel better afterwards.

These are just some of the things that you can do to stay healthy even if you love to cook? You can learn more tips on how to be healthy from here. Do you have other suggestions too? Feel free to give your comments.