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How to Be Healthy (Even if You Love Cooking)

You may be someone who loves to cook. In fact, you may be learning how to cook right now by taking some courses from cooking schools. Your love for cooking allows you to cook often and of course, who would taste all of the wonderful food that you create but you? You may invite your family members to eat too but it is already expected that if you love to cook, you love eating too.

Whenever you cook, you are not required to cook for more than one person especially if you are going to eat on your own. If you do this, you will have the tendency to eat more than you should because you do not want what you have eaten to spoil. This is the first tip that you have to remember: Never cook more than what you can eat. You can only break this rule if you are not going to eat alone.

How to Be Healthy

There are still other things that you can do to stay healthy such as the following:

  • Make an effort to exercise.

You may say that cooking is your exercise but your hands are going to work more than your feet. This may not be too effective for the type of exercise that your body needs. You can still exercise at home with the use of a few equipment and you do not need high end equipment too. Even the use of resistance bands can already be effective. You can search for videos online of people exercising with the use of resistance bands or you may also hire a personal trainer to help you out.

  • Get rid of stress.

Do you realize that you have the tendency to eat more when you are feeling stressed out? This is because your body is trying to find a way to cope up with things that are happening around you. You would like to feel some satisfaction even if your life is disappointing in your opinion. Feeling stressed out may be hard to avoid but if you can get rid of things that stress you out, you will find yourself eating just enough too.

  • Make sure that the food that you cook are not boring.

Some people who love cooking cannot help but cook the same food all over and over again. When you do this, you will have the tendency to increase your portions or the food that you cook because you already know how they taste like. When you cook new food, you will cook in smaller portions because you do not know yet if it is going to be a success.

  • Meditate

Cooking may relax you and this explains why you love cooking but if you want to de-stress and get rid of negative emotions that may be hounding you, try to meditate. You need to be in a room free from outside noise. You may also make it dark if you want. Just sit in the middle of the room and clear your mind of your worries and emotions. You will feel better afterwards.

These are just some of the things that you can do to stay healthy even if you love to cook? You can learn more tips on how to be healthy from here. Do you have other suggestions too? Feel free to give your comments.

How to Grill like a Pro

One big benefit of warmer temperatures is that it allows many cooks the opportunity to work on an outdoor grill instead of in their kitchens.  Not only can this allow the cook to interact with other people who may be enjoying the festivities, it also allows them to work outdoors when the weather is pleasant.

In order to grill foods like a professional, it is important to have certain key tools in your arsenal.  Not only will having the proper tools make grilling easier, it can also make it safer for the cook and those who will be enjoying the fruits of their labor.  Before you start your grilling season, make sure you have the following items on hand.

How to Grill like a Pro

Tongs and Spatulas

Tongs are spatulas will be two of the primary ways you move various food items on, off and around the grill.  This can help when moving items, such as hotdogs and hamburgers, to warmer or cooler parts of the grill for proper cooking, as well as removing them from the grill once they are ready to eat.  Spatulas make it easier to flip certain items that tend to have flat sides, such as hamburgers.

A set of sturdy tongs can also be used to move various hot grates when necessary, allowing a section to be easily removed if necessary, or providing a way to shift different grates across the cooking area.

Oven or Grilling Mitts

Just as it is wise to use an appropriate set of mitts to remove items from a hot oven or stove, it is also a good idea to have a set to use when grilling.  This provides you a way to grab certain items that may otherwise be too hot to handle.  Certain specialty grilling mitts are even fireproof, allowing them to come in contact with an open flame with a limited risk of damage or injury.

Cooking Brushes

Brushes can help make a variety of tasks simpler.  One brush may be used to spread oil across the cooking surface while another may be used to basting and saucing.  It is a necessity to keep your oil and basting brushes separate.  If multiple sauces are being used, it is best to keep a separate brush for each in order to keep the flavors separate.


Laser thermometers can help you ensure that your grill has been brought up to the correct temperature.  These thermometers work by measuring the electromagnetic radiation being released from an item, with the measurement focused on the point as indicated by the included laser.  This allows a person to get an accurate temperature reading without having to hold a thermometer in hand within a heated space.

Meat thermometers can be used to take the internal temperature of various meats that are being grilled.  This ensures that the internal temperature has reached the required level to kill any bacteria that may have been present before cooking.  Failure to reach key temperature points can increase the risk of contracting a food borne illness.

Wire Brushes

In order to properly clean a grills surface after cooking, a wire brush is often necessary.  Since it is metal, it can be safely used while the grill is still warm, allowing cleanup to be completed before food particles have become dried onto the surface.

Blender Buying Guide for Cooking Experts

Blenders are a typical kitchen apparatus as the gadget offers a number of uses. For instance, culinary specialists may utilize the machine to make alcoholic drinks, non-thick soups, and vitamin filled smoothies.

Traditional Blenders

Shoppers have a few buying choices while selecting a blender. In the event that kitchen counter space is not an issue, then culinary specialists may think about purchasing as a conventional countertop blender. The gadget highlights an engine and a fan housed inside the machine’s base alongside a turning cutting edge attachment. Some blender producers offer separate blending attachments that a cook can add to the gadget.

Every great blender highlights an encasement made of glass, stainless steel, plastic, or porcelain where culinary specialists include their fixings. Makers put an elastic washer between the compartment and the unit’s base, which prevents the formula’s fixings from spilling out of the encasement and into the engine.

Classic blenders include a control board on the base, and culinary experts may choose distinctive settings in view of their formula. Alternatives incorporate blend, puree, chop, mix, and dice.

Modern blenders have up to 16 speeds. While most gourmet experts won’t require these many options and ought to search for apparatuses that offer fundamental paces like moderate, medium, and quick, culinary experts will welcome a high assortment of velocities.

Blender Buying Guide for Cooking Experts

Blender Buying Tips

At the point when buyers start looking for another blender, they ought to first survey their machine needs. For instance, on the off chance that they appreciate vegetable-enhanced menus, then culinary experts ought to buy a blender with a lot of chopping and dicing options.

On the off chance that culinary specialists will in all likelihood be utilizing a blender for fruits and vegetable smoothies alongside sweet treats like milk shakes, then they ought to purchase an apparatus that can condense and puree.

A huge base will hold the compartment steadily as it mixes. Additionally, smoothie-making shoppers ought to buy the best blender for smoothies with an opening framed into the top. The opening will permit the expansion of fluids amid the mixing procedure while keeping the fixings from leaking out. The gap will likewise prove to be useful for the arrival of steam when culinary experts puree soup.

Culinary experts can pick between a plastic or glass compartment. With plastic, purchasers will have a lighter item, yet it will probably scratch with age. Glass compartments endure less harm after some time yet are heavier to lift and pour. They are likewise brittle.

Blender Capacity

At the point when purchasers survey their blender needs, they ought to consider the size of their family so as to choose a sufficiently vast machine. Modern blenders offer holders in various sizes, and culinary specialists who consistently cook for a substantial number of individuals ought to buy a blender that will be able to do the job perfectly.

Conclusively, it is up to you to choose the right blender for yourself from the assortment of the best blenders available in market. As a culinary expert, you would be aware of your own requirements and would be able to make the purchase decision accordingly.

Food You Can Cook While Camping

Gone are the days when you just have to bring packed food to go on a camping trip. Right now, you are recommended to use real fire while you are cooking but you cannot help but wonder, what are the right food products that you are going to cook when you are out camping? Here is some of the food that you should not forget to bring while you are out camping:

Food You Can Cook While Camping

  1. Potatoes

The thing about potatoes is that they can taste amazing whether you are going to roast them over the open fire or if you are going to cook them with some chilli. They can be very versatile and can be mixed with different food products as well. It has carbohydrates that will give you the energy to last throughout the day.

  1. Omelet

You know that the omelet is one of the easiest things that you can cook. It is most fitting for breakfast but you can also cook it for lunch or dinner depending on what you want. You can place cheese and other types of vegetables inside or you may also want to place some left over meat. Seafood can be placed inside omelet as well. It will be your choice and it is easy to cook.

  1. Macaroni and Cheese

If you want comfort food while you are in an unfamiliar place, this is one food that will give you the comfort that you need. Bringing the materials and ingredients that you need to cook this will not be too heavy and at the same time, you know that you and the rest of the people that you are with will always enjoy this.

  1. Cheese Sandwich

It is true that you do not really need to cook this but in order to achieve the cheesy consistency that you would like to have, it would involve melting the cheese first before you can place the other bread slice on top of it. This is guaranteed to be amazing and filling for a whole day of camping ahead.

  1. Popcorn

So this is not exactly healthy but you can cook this if you would like to have a snack. Instead of the usual butter though that will not survive your trek outdoors, you can look for other types of seasoning. Perhaps if you have brought olive oil, you can put a bit and add some salt or you may want to add a bit of paprika to make the popcorn have a unique taste that you will never find in any grocery store or movie theatre.

For dessert, you can always go for great smores. You can always change up the recipe depending on your preference. The classic smores are composed of graham crackers, chocolate syrup and marshmallows but you can also make a different variety depending on what you like to taste. Perhaps you can try having chocolate chip cookies with peanut butter and Nutella then roast your marshmallows and place them over the cookies. You can be sure that they will taste amazing. There may still be other things that you are thinking about like the detailed guide to buying a tent but you know that as of now, you do not have to worry about your menu while camping.

Opening Your First Restaurant

The entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well. People are starting their own businesses every day. However, taking that first step can often be a daunting one. There are so many things to consider:

  • Cost of space
  • Cost of equipment
  • How to pay employees
  • How to pay your personal bills
  • and the list goes on…

Fear is the hindrance to so many great ideas and innovative designs. Opening your first restaurant will definitely take a lot of work but it is possible. You can do it. Here’s how…

Opening Your First Restaurant

Steps to Success

You don’t just want to open a restaurant, you want to run a successful one. You want people talking about your ambiance and your food. Getting that creative momentum flowing is essential to your future. These steps should help along the way:

  1. Get a phenomenal chef- You can’t put out noteworthy food without an amazing chef in the kitchen. Martin Chitwood, a legal entrepreneur and author, advises, “As an entrepreneur, I believe it is necessary to constantly monitor and ensure the commitment of your employees to the success of your business.” Believe it or not, your employees can make or break your restaurant. That’s why shows like Mystery Diners are so valuable.
  2. Find the right location- Just like any other business venture, location is everything.
  3. Save up the capital- Go the extra mile to ensure that you have nearly a year’s worth of working capital at your fingertips. You never know what could happen and preparation can save you a lot of additional trouble.
  4. Teach- It may not be your forte but if you want your chef and employees to represent your concept and brand, you’ve got to teach them how to do that for you.
  5. Don’t be cheap- Your customers are your biggest asset (so long as your food’s great). Don’t get the cheapest accoutrements.
  6. Be organized but ready to evolve- Flexibility is a major key to entrepreneurial success.
  7. Test your menu- Maple bacon breakfast pastries might sound good to you but not everyone is going to be on that same page. Taste tests your menu with people who aren’t just your friends. You need honest evaluators to be successful.
  8. Market- No business can reach the upper echelon of entrepreneurial satisfaction if people don’t know it exists. Word of mouth is great but most businesses need a little help in the beginning. Utilize your social media options, pass out business cards, and get your employees to do the same.

You can do it

Yes, there are some scary things to consider (learn more about them here), when opening your first restaurant, but you can realize your dreams if you think them all through and plan accordingly. Don’t just dream about it anymore, do it!

Something to consider before getting yourself in too deep though, is the fact that your specialty food is only about 20% of the whole concept. Learning how to run the business is far more important (but incredible food is definitely a necessity).

If you need help with business plan designs, and how to better market your new and upcoming restaurant, you can always read about it here. Whatever the design, whatever the taste focus, opening your first restaurant can happen for you if you’re willing to work at it.

Love to Cook Safely

Cooking is perhaps one of life’s greatest joys. It allows for the utilization of both intellect and creativity. There is freedom to combine and try out flavors while there is the necessity to keep track of measurements. Cooking is both science and craft. But, it only works well when you love to cook safely.

If you have never had the unfortunate experience of being made ill by food you are quite blessed. Sadly, most of us have, at some point, gotten very sick thanks to a bout with food poisoning. While it might be very uncomfortable to think of food as having the potential to poison, it is a fact that all cooks need to be aware of.

Love to Cook Safely

Steps to Prevent Food Poisoning

Food poisoning can be prevented if you will follow the proper procedures necessary for protection. Imagine that you are throwing a marvelous party for your friends and shortly after ingesting your chicken wraps one of them becomes violently ill and has to be taken to urgent care. Your New Jersey home has now become a haven for sickness. What could you have done differently?

If you will follow these four directives you will cut down your chances of poisoning your friends and family (possibly even yourself):

  1. Cook- Temperature is always very important when you are cooking. While you might be inclined to “look” at the meat to determine its done-ness, the best method incorporates the use of a thermometer. You want to ensure that any potential bacteria have been baked away with the necessary amounts of heat.
  2. Clean- Bacteria are everywhere. So ensuring that your hands and counters are clean can do a world of good.
  3. Chill- Keep your food well chilled, especially if you are taking it somewhere. Food should not be allowed to sit out longer than an hour.
  4. Separate- Do not allow cross-contamination. That means that you make sure your raw meats, eggs, and seafood do not have access to prepared foods.

It’s More Serious than You Think

While the majority of the populace believes that food poisoning will simply result in gut problems for a limited amount of time the truth is, it’s more serious than you think. Some food-borne illness can lead to death or prolonged health issues. And, if you’ve ever had one we’re certain you felt like you were going to die.

Making sure you follow the four step procedures listed above can certainly decrease your chances of contracting a food-borne illness. Some other suggestions worthy of consideration, for your own personal protection include:

  • Don’t eat at other people’s houses
  • Avoid the potlucks at work
  • Check packages for expiration dates
  • Clean all your vegetables with specifically designed veggie soaps (you can read about them here)

If you think you might have contracted a food-borne illness, here are some suggestions for making it through the ordeal:

  • Control vomiting- Stay away from solid foods, especially those that have been fried or are spicy. Eat saltines if you think you’re ready and sip (don’t gulp) clear liquids.
  • Avoid dehydration- Stick to the clear fluids, but if you think you’re getting dehydrated try a rehydration solution.
  • Know when to call a doctor- If this lasts longer than three days, or you get any of the symptoms described here, it’s time to call.

No one wants to get sick. You can help prevent food poisoning by following the steps mentioned here.

The 4 Most Famous Cuisines

In many societies, food is what brings people together. It unites family and companions for feasts, celebrations and dinners. During recent years, different cuisines have emerged. Most urban communities now have foods traversing all sides of the globe. For new cooking thoughts or eatery alternatives, look at some of these worldwide cuisines.

The 4 Most Famous Cuisines

Mexican Cuisine

Mexican food is a typically most loved cooking in America. From chill con carne to enchiladas, fiery Mexican dishes are a famous delicacy. Western eateries regularly offer Northern Mexican food, yet there are various different choices. Old Mayan dishes have a subtler flavor while Central and Southern Mexico have a modern taste. Restaurant goers can appreciate eggs, vegetables, beans, chilies and cumin in real Mexican dishes. Chocolate, tomatoes and salsa are dependably top picks too.

Italian Cuisine

With a culinary history that extends back hundreds of years, Italian food is one of the world’s top picks. Spumoni frozen yogurt, spaghetti, lasagna and pizza are customary dishes that are generally accessible in the United States. Past these essential dishes, there are various regional top picks like Parmesan cheddar and Parma ham. One a player in Italy is even known for making a sort of hatchling cheddar. The cheddar is aged and permitted to sit out with the goal that flies lay eggs. Thereafter, it is pressed at the ideal time for larvae to create. It won’t not suit everybody’s taste buds, but rather it is a claim to fame from the nation. In the event that this cheddar is not to your preferring, the nation has more than 400 sorts of cheddar.

Indian Cuisine

India is a standout amongst the most thickly populated nations on the planet. With such a large number of individuals inside the country, Indian cooking is profoundly diverse. Curries are the conventional toll, yet Indian food is not limited to simple curry. There are various areas that make veggie lover dishes, and ayurvedic restorative conventions are regularly utilized as a part of making food. Inside India, guests will discover a scope of sweet, hot and zesty dishes. Far and away superior, the country is home to a huge number of road food stands. At these stands, guests can experiment with extraordinary treats at an exceptionally cheap costs.

Jamaican Cuisine

Jamaican cooking is solid since it is made with numerous natural foods, utilizes smaller bits of meats, has a high substance of fish, beans, and vegetables, and, the majority of all, since it is a diverse blend of the best that African, European, Indian, and Chinese foods bring to the table. Also, Jamaicans have dependably known about the relationship amongst nourishment and wellbeing. Some of the famous dishes include Jamaican jerk chicken, fried dumplings, curry goat and rice and peas. Maybe Jamaican food is sound because of fortunes or luck. By what other means would anyone be able to clarify why probably the most exceedingly appraised restorative herbs, e.g., ginger, garlic, all flavor and hot peppers simply happen to be the fundamental seasonings utilized as a part of Jamaican food.

How to Eat Healthy When Eating Out

You and your family may love going to various restaurants in order to eat different food but the amount of food that you are eating plus the different choices that you eat when you are out is taking a toll on your health.

It can be different when you are eating at home. You can always find out more about the different recipes that you can cook at home that are yummy and healthy at the same time. Gone are the days when healthy automatically means bland. There are a lot of better choices available now.

You have to realize that there are still a lot of healthy options that are available when you are eating out. You just have to know what the better choices are so that you will not find yourself gaining weight because of eating at various restaurants.

How to Eat Healthy When Eating Out

Here are some tips that you have to remember:

  • Steer away from anything that has been labelled as “pan fried.”

You may think that you are choosing the healthier option because you are choosing pan fried fish over the steamed pork but you have to think about the amount of oil that the fish has already absorbed during its deep frying session. Even if the fish has been cooked in healthy oil like canola, you will still be eating too much of it.

  • When choosing side dishes, choose veggies.

There are some restaurants that give you the option to choose your side dish. For example, you may be asked to choose from a cup of rice, mashed potatoes and mixed vegetables. The healthiest option is obvious. You need to choose the mixed vegetables. You can even make it healthier by requesting that the vegetables will be steamed instead of buttered.

  • Ask how food was prepared.

You may automatically go to the “healthy” and “lite” options that you will see on the menu but you cannot be entirely sure if the food that you are going to eat is healthy. Make sure that you will choose food that is not high in calories and fat so that you can eat without feeling guilty.

  • Split your food with someone else.

If you cannot resist ordering the food that you want to eat, you will be able to satisfy your craving and not get all the calories if you would split your food with someone else. Just make sure that your partner also likes the food that you are going to order so that you will both be happy with the set up.

  • Be wary of the salad that you are going to pick out.

You may assume that since you are going to order a salad, you are automatically choosing something that is healthy but this is not true. There are some salads that are full of dressing and other fatty ingredients so all the vegetables will be lost all over the creamy sauce. Remember that salads should be composed more of vegetables and probably some fruits instead of dressing.

If you would follow the tips that are mentioned above, you know that it will be easier for you to pick the right food from the menu that will not cause you to gain weight in the process.