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Have an Outdoor Family Reunion BBQ Worth Remembering

Family reunions are a tradition for many. During summer months, having an outdoor gathering can be a great way to celebrate being together while being able to take part in a wide range of activities and great foods straight from the grill or smoker. If you are looking for fun ways to make your next gathering one for the record books, consider having these unique offerings for you family to enjoy.

Have an Outdoor Family Reunion BBQ Worth Remembering

Games for All Ages

Having a variety of games can provide hours of fun for kids, or those who are simply kids at heart. While games like horseshoes may be classic barbeque staples, there are a wide variety of options to choose from to help keep everyone entertained.

If you want to add an activity that is fun, challenging, and even has a hint of danger, consider an oversized game of Jenga. The game is played just like the tabletop version, but has blocks made from cut down 2 x 4’s instead of the traditional blocks. The larger size makes the game feel particularly precarious, but is simple enough that almost anyone can play.

Ladder golf is another interesting activity that can often be made fairly cheaply. The ladders can be constructed of PVC piping, and then all you need are some tennis balls connected by pieces of rope. You can even set different challenges to keep the game interesting as the day goes on.

Koob is another game that is fairly easy to make, and is very easy to play. Effectively, you will be throwing sticks at wooden blocks, which makes this game highly accessible to anyone who can toss a stick through the air.

Great Food

One of the best part about barbeques is the food. Whether you like to use a traditional gas or charcoal grill, or are a fan of offset smokers, an outdoor event is a great excuse to cook some of your favorites. Whether you stick with traditional offerings of burgers and hotdogs, take it to the next level with ribs or briskets, or try something more exotic like ostrich or satay, you are certain to find a wide variety of crowd-pleasing items for guests to choose from.

Take to the Air

Another perk of being outdoors is the ability to enjoy the open air. With that enjoyment comes a variety of new activity options that are generally not suitable for the indoors. If there is a good breeze, flying kites can be great fun. If it is a bit more still, and you want to try getting some interesting video of the event, consider bringing a small drone with an attached camera. Not only are they fun to fly, but you can observe the event from the same vantage point as the birds. If you are interested in finding a suitable drone, consider this site to begin your search.

Create a Photo Booth Area

If you want to give everyone the chance to capture some unique memories, consider setting up a photo booth area. You can a variety of props, and a fun backdrop, and let everyone express their unique personalities and styles. Not only that, but it serves as a great way to collect a large number of photographs to create a memory book with later, creating a fun souvenir for everyone who was able to attend.