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Out Of the Box Job Opportunities That Chefs Can Consider

When you think about your future career after graduating you probably picture yourself in a sleek white uniform in the kitchen of a fancy restaurant.  Restaurants probably has the most job opportunities for chefs but there are plenty of other places to look for great chef jobs that has terrific added benefits.  Sure, you might not earn the fantastic salary that a five star restaurant will pay but cooking for an alternative company often means a lot less work, a lot less stress and a lot more fun.  Here are some great job opportunities that you should seek out when it is time to go job hunting.

Cook meals for a limo bus

Limo busses are more than just a fancy transportation method.  The guests of these five star busses are treated with ultimate luxury service.  The Limo Bus Perth itself is something to marvel at because this fantastic bus has all the comfort and convenience that guests can ask for and they can seat up to 48 people. If you can land a cooking job at one of these companies then you can be part of their quality service and cook wonderful meals and snacks for everyone on the bus and who knows, you might even get a chance to also join in on the fun of the bus rides.

Out Of the Box Job Opportunities That Chefs Can Consider

Get a job on a cruise ship

You can definitely keep an eye out for cruise ship opportunities.  If you become a cruise ship chef you will enjoy fantastic benefits such as free cruises where you can see the world and explore.  You will also receive a great salary since most cruise ships pay their crew and especially their chef quite well.

Consider working at a lodge

Most lodges are looking for stay-in chefs to cater for their client’s needs.  When you land a job at a lodge you are very likely to enjoy free accommodation and you can frequently enjoy many of the activities the lodge offers such as swimming and more.

Apply for cooking jobs at celebrity homes

If you can land a cooking job at a celebrity’s home then you have the ultimate job because you don’t have to cook quite as much on a daily basis and you will get a great salary since they most certainly can afford to pay you for your expertise.  Chefs that cook for celebrities do however have to sharpen their knowledge on healthy eating so your celebrity boss can look fantastic and healthy all the time.

Start your own food truck

An own business is always a great idea because you get a lot of freedom, you are never treated badly by a boss or sous chef and you can plan your day to suit your schedule.  A food truck is one of the best ways to start off your cooking career.  You can drive around and sell food at any location where there are plenty of people such as on campuses, at busy supermarkets at sports events and more.

Chefs and Cell Phones

Once you get all the cooking scholarships you can muster, and are well on your way to a culinary degree, you will have to face some interesting conundrums. What’s the deal with chefs and cell phones? One side says that chefs are really digging access to phones in the kitchen. The other side complains that people are too addicted to the phones to enjoy their meals. Where will you stand?

Wait. Don’t make that decision just yet. The truth is, you’re not going to get rid of your LG Stylo 2, no matter what side of the argument you choose to take. So, you might as well take an online jaunt over to izengate. There you will find the perfect wallet flip cover phone case for your cell. You can keep the screen clean while you’re running the mixer. That is, if you are so inclined to utilize your phone in the kitchen.

Chefs and Cell Phones

Taking a Stand For or Against

Let’s face it, people are in love with their phones. However, it would appear that chefs have a love hate relationship with cell phones in general. Therefore, we would like to present you both sides of the argument so that you can make an informed decision to take a stand for or against. Here’s the scoop:


The chefs on this side of the proverbial fence think that cell phones are a great asset in the kitchen. iPhones, specifically, appear to be a great gadget for well-meaning chefs country wide. They offer the ability to look up recipes and keep track of necessary ingredients while working. Learn more.

And, chefs like that there are a number of apps that allow you to convert common measurement issues, or prepare shopping lists for thousands of recipes. And then, there are the podcasts and how-to videos that can empower even the most basic line chefs to create masterpieces.

When they step outside of the kitchen, chef’s find one benefit to cell phones. They are appreciative of your desire to photograph the food placed before you. However, they don’t necessarily want it to appear on Yelp.


As with all arguments, there are two sides. The anti-cell phone side is more focused on the phones outside the kitchen. While many chefs are flattered by a customer’s desire to photograph the food they have created, they are more interested in having the people eat it while it’s hot. Additionally, they are disturbed by the fact that a focus on the cell phone screen seems to detract from the purpose of going out to dinner, spending time with those you have gone out with. Read this.

One chef called utilizing cell phones during dinner, and in her restaurant, a faux pas. She says it interferes with, and detracts from, the ambiance created by the restaurant. And, she feels that being on the phone disturbs the other diners, which is just rude. Oh, and don’t use flash photography when taking pictures of her masterful creations.

One final area of cell phone annoyance isn’t even aimed at the customers. Rather, chefs are particularly aggravated by those on the floor, waiters, hosts, and managers, who choose to play on their phones. It drives them bonkers and in some cases would be grounds for firing depending upon which chef the individual was working for.

If you’d like to learn more about chefs’ positions on cell phones feel free to keep reading.