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Styling Tips for Female Chefs

As a chef, your main focus in your job is your food.  Your food has to taste wonderful and your food has to have a fantastic style.  There are many tools to your disposal to make your food look absolutely wonderful but your own personal style is a whole different story.  Just because you are mostly operating behind the scenes in a restaurant doesn’t mean that you don’t have to mind your own look.  A professional look is important for your career and for your own personal confidentiality because if you look great, you feel great and you perform so much better. Maintaining a fresh and great look while you are sweating in front of the hot stove is not easy and getting a great and unique look when you are in your chef’s uniform isn’t easy either.  Here are just a few tips to maintain a great look while on the job.

Styling Tips for Female Chefs

Choose your jewelry wisely

The right piece of jewelry is all fashion accessories you will need to spice up your chef’s uniform but there is one big problem.  Chefs are very restricted when it comes to jewelry.  You cannot really wear rings or bangles because they get in the way of cooking and most chefs’ uniforms don’t really leave room for a beautiful necklace.  This means that you have to rely on great looking earrings, perhaps a hairpiece or a brooch for an improved look.  A set of Lugano Diamond earrings is the perfect jewelry solution.  These priceless pieces are bound to create a high quality vibe and a set of these earrings will definitely make you shine in your job.

Makeup – a chef’s worst nightmare

Makeup is a chef’s worst nightmare.  The heat and humidity in the kitchen is an absolute disaster for your makeup.  You really have to choose smart when you invest in makeup.

  • For foundation choose a BB cream because they are less likely to run off your face as you work.
  • For eyes, try to invest in waterproof makeup. These types of eyeshadows and eyeliners won’t smudge in the hot and steaming kitchen.
  • Keep oil padding papers or powder close by so you can prevent a greasy face.

Another important tip is to keep your makeup limited and stick to natural shades so it won’t be too terrible if you do get an occasional smudge.

Your hair is your most valuable style feature

When jewelry is limited, uniforms are a must and makeup is always an issue, your hair is the only real style area where you can play around a bit.  Invest in a good hair stylist and go for regular cuts and coloring so you will be able to maintain a professional and great looking image.  You should also put a lot of thought into your haircut because it either has to be short or tied up since you cannot really have hair flying about as you prepare food.  Look for great looking short haircuts or learn to do great looking hair updos so you can look fantastic on the job.

Guideline for Taking Care of Hygiene While Cooking

If you do a little research, it is going to become evident to you that food is an ultimate source of energy for all of our body parts. Everybody needs a healthy diet for the proper functioning of the body. Healthy eating assists to prevent obesity and to maintain an ideal weight.

For the preparation of healthy food, good practices of hygiene conditions are essential. Folks should take care of hygiene on both domestic and industrial level, to avoid illness and food poisoning. Good personal hygiene can prevent several diseases. Bacteria that cause food poising can be anywhere even in healthy individuals’ body. If you touch your food after touching the hair, nose, mouth or clothes, bacteria can spread from yourself to the food.

Guideline for Taking Care of Hygiene While Cooking

Good personal hygiene conditions make a business run well. Restaurant staffs who take proper steps for providing hygienic conditions in a restaurant are more likely to attract more customers than those who don’t. Workers in a restaurant can carry pathogens with them; it is vital that they understand the significance of maintaining a healthy and clean environment in the kitchen to ensure preparation of healthy food.

They must make sure to a high level of personal cleanliness and proper sanitation conditions to prevent contamination of food product. If workers are not aware of maintaining necessary food protection steps, they may unintentionally contaminate food and may transmit food borne diseases. Worker’s health and hygiene fall into two categories, cleanliness and disease control. Read some points which an operator must adopt to ensure cleanliness in a restaurant:

  • Personal Hygiene

Personal hygiene includes cleaning of your body, hair, clothing, uniforms, aprons, et cetera, must be kept clean. Avoid wearing jewelry, especially rings and bracelets as cooking includes much use of your hands. Cover your head properly. Try to avoid handling of food items with bare hands. Use of gloves must be ensured. Gloves keep the food items germ-free. Make sure cooks are not using the disposable gloves twice.

  • Hand Washing

Washing your hands plays a significant role in maintaining proper hygiene. Hands must be washed properly before cooking, handling raw food items and especially after using the toilet. Cleaning of hands shouldn’t be overlooked at any cost. Food businesses must ensure proper hand washing measures.

The hands can be cleaned with the help of Hand washes, hand sanitizers, organic and homemade soaps. These days no hand washing liquids are organic, and they all are made of several chemicals. Thus, causing allergies, ultimately leading to other diseases. Make sure the usage of natural soaps. The soaps that are made at home are 100% chemical-free and are purely natural. When looking for organic homemade soaps, you can always rely on They offer homemade soaps for sale. They are providing a broad range of astounding home-made soaps. Some of these are Avocado Soap with Jasmine oil, Coffee Soap Bar with Vanilla Cream, French Lavender Basil Soap, et cetera. Visit their website to find out more dandy soaps made without using any synthetic fragrances or any preservatives. They are easily affordable and are on sale. Thus, you can keep home-made organic soaps at your home or restaurant.

  • Health

Take care of your health properly. Do not consume heavy foods when you are not feeling well, especially if you’re suffering from a sore throat and flu. When you a cough or sneeze, ultimately all the germs come out from your mouth thus, contaminating the food items. Use the knives carefully, because kitchen knives are sharp, and they can damage your skin within no time. Thus, avoid cooking with the open wound as they contain lots of bacteria.

  • Expiry Date of Products

Keep a check on the food items. The food items should be used with FIFO formula, which is ‘First In, First Out”. If needed, try to write it on your cabinets to remind yourself. Keep checking the expiry dates on the products. Several people ignore expiry dates written on soft-drinks. Make sure; you don’t forget to check these.

Cooking Graduate? This is Where You Should Start!

A career in cooking has a great exposure as there remains a competition among top restaurants in the country and they always look up for the chefs with some adroitness. You might see yourself as one of the top chefs at some crowning restaurant if you are graduating in the culinary field and have that passion and devotion to cooking. It requires lots of hard work, but it would definitely pay off with great remuneration and job satisfaction.

However, you might have celebrated your graduation ceremony; now it’s the time when you should start making plans for your next move. Since it takes plenty of time and long haul to get settled with a job, you should start making your ways the very next day of your graduation.

Some folks do not have their paths defined as long as they get their degrees in hand and stay topsy-turvy about their next step. Here are some tips for such folks about where they should start after their graduation in culinary.

Cooking Graduate? This is Where You Should Start!

Drop your Resume’:

Get an appealing resume’ always ready and keep on looking for new jobs. Do not wait for your dream job to arrive at your doorstep; you would have to strive for it. Start with the little rather than just waiting to hunt a bigger one. Keep practicing the new recipes whether you get a job or not; this would help you bring more innovations and polish your skills.

Start your cooking blog:

Starting a blog is a fantastic way of sharing your new with people. The best thing here is you get feedback from your followers that help you revamp your expertise. Many popular chefs blog about their experiences. The cooking blog is not just about writing your experiences; you can also earn money out of it through affiliate marketing. You do this by referring you followers to certain shops. Start your blog and start monetizing it.

Open up your restaurant:

You would be thinking that opening a new restaurant requires lots of investment and how would you make it possible right after you graduate. We are not here talking about a big and lavishing restaurant; you can start with a small café in town. Delicious food should not only be your focus when you are opening an eating house; the place should also be alluring.

Get a theme for your place, and it should be well-illuminated. You can choose floor lamps to give your place a magnificent look. You can get the floor lamps in multiple sizes, shapes, and colors. Visit to get your hands on the type that suits the décor of your place. You can get a proper guideline about buying the right kind of lamps and which light is best for you. Moreover, it comprises of numerous floor lamps with their features. People would like to stop over again if they find a fine place and fine food at the same time.

Keep upgrading your cooking skills:

Cooking is now considered as an art, unlike the old times when people used to eat the things in raw form. Now you have to be creative and groundbreaking as a chef. Keep on finding the new ways to present your artistry. Folks are not really fond of eating the same thing over and over again; they rather appreciate the same thing cooked in an innovative way.

Follow your favorite chef:

There are personalities you get inspiration from. As a culinary graduate, you would like to be like your favorite chef. Follow him/her on social media websites and get to know about his/her strategies to be a better one. Read the stories of his/her successful career and learn the key steps.

Restaurant: The Students Startup

In this era, the youngsters are not behind in any field whether it’s education or business. Everyone wants to reach the top and achieve the highest level of success. It is only possible if you start it properly, have complete supervision and knowledge. Students these days like to start their business after graduating and later on takes it to a higher level. Most of the startups fail after some time because they don’t plan properly. Just investing and starting a business is not an ideal way. There are several factors and strategies you should keep in mind to stay on course.

Restaurant Business

If you are planning to start your restaurant, you must be clear about what you want without a shadow of a doubt:

Decide the type of Restaurant:

When you go out, you see different kinds of restaurants varying from cuisine and targeting different classes. Some restaurants are family based and for elite classes, while others are more of café type. The very first thing is you should ponder upon is what type and concept do you want and then stick with that decision. It will assist you to decide what furthers things do you want like furniture, interior, menu, and themes, et cetera.

Make Business Plan:

The most vital aspect is the business plan, and it’s the base of your company or organization. It holds a significant value as by developing the plan of activities one can see your efforts and agree on giving you funds or investments. Secondly, a business plan helps you to get ready and face your problems beforehand. In addition to that, without a business plan, no financier or bank will trust or give you finance. It provides an idea to your investor that you are doing it the right way.

Select the location:

The next fundamental step for setting up the restaurant business is choosing the ideal location. Perfect location here means the place that is surrounded by the customers or where several folks pass every day. The biggest mistake owners make they don’t keep everything in mind while selecting the location making their business to go in loss. For instance, if you want to target the youngsters then the best place for you will be near to the colleges and universities.

For that purpose, you can consult TJM Properties, a real estate firm owned by Terence McCarthy St. Pete. Recently he bought the Atlantic Club Casino and currently focusing on the restaurant chain building before converting this club to a nongambling facility. That is their second acquisition in this year. Contacting this privately held property estate even get you know-how about your business.

Apply for a permit:

Taking permission from the authorities is a time taking the task. As soon as you select the place, apply for the license and permits as it takes 2, 3 weeks or even a month sometimes. Once you get them only then, you can move further towards your dream restaurant.

Design your Dream Restaurant:

Once you complete all the legal and paper work, you have to design the restaurant. Make sure the design must be according to your concept and type of your restaurant. Several restaurants and café are closed within few months because of their non-professional and congested designs. Your restaurant must have the parking area for your customers, and the interior must be spacious. Utilize your area practically and after proper planning.

Decide the Menu and Hire Staff:

After your building is ready, focus on choosing the menu and hiring the staff. The list must be clear and make sure the dishes you add in your menu are according to the taste of your targeted customers. Secondly, hire an efficient and experienced staff because in starting you have to give your best services to attract more customers.

Promotion and Marketing:

Marketing plays a significant role in the success of the business. It’s a long lasting process that starts from the first development phase and goes on. Properly promote you restaurant even before its launching.

5 Things for Chefs to Consider When Buying a Steak Knife Set

Most chefs put a lot of thought into their carving knives.  Everything from the knife’s brand to the weight is considered when you are choosing a good quality carving knife because every chef knows that they simply cannot afford to be working with a bad carving knife while the dinner rush is pouring in.  A lot less consideration is usually spent on choosing the right steak knife set and this is where a lot of chefs and households make a huge mistake because the quality of your steak knives does hugely impact your enjoyment of a meal.  Just think of the frustration of preparing the perfect smoked fillet steak only to end up ruining the entire experience by struggling to cut through the soft fibers of the fillet.  The right steak knife doesn’t just make it easier to cut your meats, it also brings the entire meal to a whole.  So what’s the best steak knife for chefs?  Well, perhaps these five tips will help you choose the perfect set right from the start.

5 Things for Chefs to Consider When Buying a Steak Knife Set

General style of the set

Does your kitchen and dining area have a mostly clean cut, stainless appearance or did you go for a more traditional and warmer natural wood vibe?  The style of your kitchen and dining area should be considered when you buy the perfect steak knife set so your knife set will fit right in with the rest of your interior decorating and your cutely.

Quality is vital

A good quality steak knife set can last you a lifetime and that is exactly why it is much better to invest a bit more time, consideration and cash so you will end up with a set that will provide you with great functionality, comfort and pleasure for the rest of your life.

Maintenance is important

Most good quality steak knives will stay sharp and great looking with very little maintenance but at one point or another you will have to sharpen your steak knives. Straight edge steak knives with a smooth blade from start to finish are a lot easier and quicker to sharpen.  Sharpening steak knives with a serrated blade is however quite a challenge.  Yet both knife types have some pretty great benefits.  Consider the maintenance involved in sharpening before you cast your final decision on the perfect set.

Balance and feel

The balance of your steak knives is also important.  You probably don’t need the same balance from a steak knife as you would from a carving knife but the knife should still be quite easy to handle and offer great balance in your hands.

Consider the size

A nice and big steak knife is great for eating steaks and T-bones and gives a firm and quality feel but not everyone likes to handle a big and bulky steak knife. Consider the size of the steak knives and the types of foods you are most likely to consume because different foods are just easier to slice when you use the right sized blade.

Reasons You Need to Learn How to Cook When on Vacation

We all dream of going on vacations at some point in our lives. They are usually a good break away from the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, and a great chance for us to refresh and re-energize. It is also a good time for us to bond with our family members, since most of the time, the adults are too busy with work, while the kids worry about their school work. Those are some of the reasons for going on vacation, but that is not what we’re here to talk about. In this article, we are going to discuss the reasons why it is important for you to learn how to cook. Imagine yourself coming back from vacation with cooking ideas from your vacation destination! It could be from somewhere in Italy, or some remote part of Asia. It is a good thing to learn how to cook different foods from different cultures while on vacation. Below are the reasons you need to learn how to cook:

  • You’ll no longer eat food without knowing exactly what is in it, since you’re there to mix in all the ingredients.
  • You’ll finally say goodbye to those cheap Chinese or Pizza takeout’s since you can choose what to cook.
  • You can make other people happy by cooking for them things like birthday or anniversary cakes.
  • This is the best way for you to eat healthily without even trying, since you know exactly what your ingredients are.
  • You can take this as an opportunity to impress everyone around you, particularly your friends and family.
  • You save a lot of money. Buying food from restaurants is more expensive since they add on their service fees.
  • It is the perfect opportunity to stop making those instant foods, after all, you’re not growing any younger. Pot cook that soup stew and not the instant broth you were used to.
  • You’ll get skills such as handling knives.
  • You can satisfy all of your cravings since when you crave for something, you simply step into your kitchen and cook it.
  • I’ve heard that the stomach is the way to a man’s heart, and I think this would work very well for those women that are in search of love.

Reasons You Need to Learn How to Cook When on Vacation

Occidental Vacation Club

Now that we were talking about learning to cook while on vacation, we might as well go ahead and do a review of the Occidental Vacation Club. When you become a member of this club, you’re introduced to a timesharing experience filled with luxury. At this club you’ll be entitled to discounted, all-inclusive rates, full-service all-inclusive resort facilities and services, concierge services, private check-in and check-out, personalized vacation planning from Occidental’s staff of travel planners, and as well as other benefits to ensure that you have a great vacation. Below is a list of the Occidental Resorts:

  • Occidental Grand Papagayo (Guanacaste, Costa Rica)
  • Occidental Grand Punta Cana (Punta Cana, Dominican Republic)
  • Royal Hideaway Playacar (Riviera Maya, Mexico)
  • Occidental Grand Cozumel (Cozumel, Mexico)
  • Occidental Grand Nuevo Vallarta (Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico)
  • Occidental Grand Xcaret (Rivera Maya, Mexico)
  • Allegro Cozumel (Cozumel, Mexico)
  • Allegro Playacar (Playa del Carmen, Mexico)

They have won awards including:

  • Six of its properties have been awarded the TripAdvisor 2012 Certificate of Excellence.
  • It has received the RCI Gold Crown Rating.
  • The club received the RCI President’s Club Award for 2012.


While on vacation, you can decide to take cooking classes so that you bring back home some new cooking recipes. When choosing your vacation, you should consider joining the Occidental Vacation Club so that you can benefit from all their offers. They can custom plan your vacation for you, and you can stay at any of their resorts.