Daily Archive: August 8, 2017

5 Things for Chefs to Consider When Buying a Steak Knife Set

Most chefs put a lot of thought into their carving knives.  Everything from the knife’s brand to the weight is considered when you are choosing a good quality carving knife because every chef knows that they simply cannot afford to be working with a bad carving knife while the dinner rush is pouring in.  A lot less consideration is usually spent on choosing the right steak knife set and this is where a lot of chefs and households make a huge mistake because the quality of your steak knives does hugely impact your enjoyment of a meal.  Just think of the frustration of preparing the perfect smoked fillet steak only to end up ruining the entire experience by struggling to cut through the soft fibers of the fillet.  The right steak knife doesn’t just make it easier to cut your meats, it also brings the entire meal to a whole.  So what’s the best steak knife for chefs?  Well, perhaps these five tips will help you choose the perfect set right from the start.

5 Things for Chefs to Consider When Buying a Steak Knife Set

General style of the set

Does your kitchen and dining area have a mostly clean cut, stainless appearance or did you go for a more traditional and warmer natural wood vibe?  The style of your kitchen and dining area should be considered when you buy the perfect steak knife set so your knife set will fit right in with the rest of your interior decorating and your cutely.

Quality is vital

A good quality steak knife set can last you a lifetime and that is exactly why it is much better to invest a bit more time, consideration and cash so you will end up with a set that will provide you with great functionality, comfort and pleasure for the rest of your life.

Maintenance is important

Most good quality steak knives will stay sharp and great looking with very little maintenance but at one point or another you will have to sharpen your steak knives. Straight edge steak knives with a smooth blade from start to finish are a lot easier and quicker to sharpen.  Sharpening steak knives with a serrated blade is however quite a challenge.  Yet both knife types have some pretty great benefits.  Consider the maintenance involved in sharpening before you cast your final decision on the perfect set.

Balance and feel

The balance of your steak knives is also important.  You probably don’t need the same balance from a steak knife as you would from a carving knife but the knife should still be quite easy to handle and offer great balance in your hands.

Consider the size

A nice and big steak knife is great for eating steaks and T-bones and gives a firm and quality feel but not everyone likes to handle a big and bulky steak knife. Consider the size of the steak knives and the types of foods you are most likely to consume because different foods are just easier to slice when you use the right sized blade.