Styling Tips for Female Chefs

As a chef, your main focus in your job is your food.  Your food has to taste wonderful and your food has to have a fantastic style.  There are many tools to your disposal to make your food look absolutely wonderful but your own personal style is a whole different story.  Just because you are mostly operating behind the scenes in a restaurant doesn’t mean that you don’t have to mind your own look.  A professional look is important for your career and for your own personal confidentiality because if you look great, you feel great and you perform so much better. Maintaining a fresh and great look while you are sweating in front of the hot stove is not easy and getting a great and unique look when you are in your chef’s uniform isn’t easy either.  Here are just a few tips to maintain a great look while on the job.

Styling Tips for Female Chefs

Choose your jewelry wisely

The right piece of jewelry is all fashion accessories you will need to spice up your chef’s uniform but there is one big problem.  Chefs are very restricted when it comes to jewelry.  You cannot really wear rings or bangles because they get in the way of cooking and most chefs’ uniforms don’t really leave room for a beautiful necklace.  This means that you have to rely on great looking earrings, perhaps a hairpiece or a brooch for an improved look.  A set of Lugano Diamond earrings is the perfect jewelry solution.  These priceless pieces are bound to create a high quality vibe and a set of these earrings will definitely make you shine in your job.

Makeup – a chef’s worst nightmare

Makeup is a chef’s worst nightmare.  The heat and humidity in the kitchen is an absolute disaster for your makeup.  You really have to choose smart when you invest in makeup.

  • For foundation choose a BB cream because they are less likely to run off your face as you work.
  • For eyes, try to invest in waterproof makeup. These types of eyeshadows and eyeliners won’t smudge in the hot and steaming kitchen.
  • Keep oil padding papers or powder close by so you can prevent a greasy face.

Another important tip is to keep your makeup limited and stick to natural shades so it won’t be too terrible if you do get an occasional smudge.

Your hair is your most valuable style feature

When jewelry is limited, uniforms are a must and makeup is always an issue, your hair is the only real style area where you can play around a bit.  Invest in a good hair stylist and go for regular cuts and coloring so you will be able to maintain a professional and great looking image.  You should also put a lot of thought into your haircut because it either has to be short or tied up since you cannot really have hair flying about as you prepare food.  Look for great looking short haircuts or learn to do great looking hair updos so you can look fantastic on the job.