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Becoming a Chicago Locksmith

In this day and age when everyone cares about their privacy and security and has locks on their doors, locksmiths are highly demanded, as they can make duplicate keys, install locks in businesses and homes, open your doors for you when you forget your keys, and more. Locksmiths are needed in this day and age, and if you’re someone that lives in Chicago and are considering becoming a Chicago locksmith, this article will tell you exactly what you need to do and the skills that you need to acquire in order to become one.


A locksmith needs to undergo a training program in order to begin working, or they could also opt for apprenticeship. The requirements of each state is different, and some states expect locksmiths to have a license in order to begin training. Depending on the sector of your profession, a locksmith may have 3 or 4 months’ worth of experience. No formal educational degrees are necessary; however, a locksmith needs to complete a training program.


How to become a locksmith

First and foremost, one has to have had a formal education in locksmithing. For those who want to be Chicago locksmiths, they have the option of doing their courses online alongside the traditional methods of training, which include state locksmith associations, vocational schools and community colleges. One can also opt for specialized courses, which teach automotive and motorcycle locksmithing. As mentioned previously, one can also opt for apprenticeships, which require one to train under a highly experienced locksmith.

Gaining work experience is the next step to becoming a locksmith. There are some states that require at least a year’s full-time work experience in order to obtain a license. If necessary, a trainee locksmith can contact local locksmith workplaces for work. Next, get a locksmith license. Although this isn’t necessary for every state, this is also a way to ensure authenticity and to assure the customers of their safety. The licensing requirement are different for each state, but most states require the person to pass background checks and to give their fingerprints to federal fingerprint databases and to the state.

One also needs a professional certification, which requires them to pass 4 exams with 70% or higher scores in each. Once a trainee has become a locksmith, he/she can also opt to take advanced education or training to expand their field of experience. This is totally optional, but it is for the good of the locksmith, as he/she can stay up to date on the laws required in this field as well as the technologies. Also, for those who want to earn higher certifications in this field, these advanced courses can also help them pass those certification tests.

Bottom Line

Being a locksmith requires a lot more training and skills than just knowing how to pick a lock. For those interested, they need to take courses, either online or in any institution that offers it near you, or they can opt for apprenticeship, in order to learn the tricks of the trade from the highly experienced.