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Essential tips to make better pizza

Making a good batch of dough is usually pretty challenging when making pizza. It is said that we make a bad batch because we don’t measure the flour correctly. There really is nothing worse than dough that is too hard to bite through or too raw to eat. We need to find the right balance to make sure that our pizza is a raging success. Great bakers say that we need to learn to use the metric system correctly in order to get the right consistencies. There are many ways to make a pizza awesome and the filling is important but also easy. Here are a few great ways to make sure your next pizza is delicious. Click here for the right metric system to bake with.

Essential tips to make better pizza

First of all it is important to choose the right flour as this is the most important ingredient. It is fine to use all-purpose flour but for a chewier crumb high-protein bread flour works wonders. It means that we should sometimes invest in ingredients that are a bit more expensive to get the perfect pizza base.  The next thing to consider is the style of pizza that you are making. If you are going for a Neapolitan style or a New York style pizza you need to find the right ingredients and style that you want to use. There are even Sicilian square pies that you can make which is much larger with a thinner crust and more filling. The choices are endless and it is crucial to choose the right recipe for the right style of pizza. If you don’t have a mixer you shouldn’t be concerned. There is a great new way to get your dough pizza-ready. Simply add the ingredients together, stir it a bit and cover it overnight. The next day the dough will actually be stretchy and ready to form.

Take a look at pacificpizzabrew.com for inspiration when it comes to the fine art of making pizza. These pros know how to get the perfect consistency with their dough and offer a wide variety of toppings to choose from. The best way to try it is to order it and sample the great taste of the perfectly made pizza.  With over 30 years experience in the food industry you can be sure to expect a treat for your taste buds. Also take a look at other options like cold fermenting your dough. This is done by storing your dough in the fridge which allows the yeast to digest the carbohydrates. Dough gets better over time so there is nothing wrong with a little fermenting.

Another option to strive for the perfect dough without any effort is to buy dough. This is a great solution for those of us that don’t enjoy the process of making, kneading or waiting. If you are eager to slap those toppings on and to have a delicious pizza ready in a short time just purchase fresh dough from any minimart. You might want to enquire from your local pizzeria as some of them actually sell dough. If you are brave enough to make the dough you should use a pin. Stretching like a pro is a skill that is acquired over time so there is no shame in using a pin. Click here to learn how to stretch pizza dough and practice till you get it right.