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Nutrition Tips for Young Basketball Players

It is essential to know about the nutrition needs of your young kid who is a basketball player. Athletes are required to consume adequate nutrition to meet their energy demands. It is as important as choosing right basketball. Countless folks have the idea that it does not matter whether if you are using the same ball indoor and outdoor.

Well, it does matter as basketballs are manufactured by keeping the needs in mind. Indoor and outdoor basketballs are different and some manufacturers also offer balls that can be used in both environments.

Indoor courts have more controlled conditions and indoor basketball is made that way. On the other hand, outdoor courts are rough and balls for rugged enough to play in that environment. If you are more of an outdoor player, you must possess a basketball that can hold up well on the rough surfaces.

Nutrition Tips for Young Basketball Players

Nutrition Tips for Young Basketball Players

Outdoor balls can work inside but use indoor basketballs outside is not a good idea. The options are countless when it comes to searching for the best outdoor basketball. Check out these top rated outdoor basketballs on bballworld. They have compiled a list of some amazing quality balls. You would not regret putting money on one of these basketballs.

A perfect basketball is not enough to win a game. Fuelling body with appropriate food is as important. When your kid is an athlete, you should focus on the following things to make him perform outclass.

Carbs for energy:

Carbohydrates are the best source for of energy. Choose the meal rich in carbohydrates such as potatoes, pasta, whole-grain bread, and cereals. Hold up onto sports drinks for an energy boost during training sessions.

Meet the needs of protein:

Protein is an essential nutrient for growth muscles. It also helps to repair and build hardworking muscles. Every meal of young players should contain protein such as egg or whole-grain bread for breakfast, raw vegetables and meat for lunch. Vegetarians can have protein from the foods like beans and tofu.

Avoid fatty foods:

The human body takes time to digest fatty food and slow digestion is not good for players particularly those who are facing competitions. Greasy food and fatty desserts can leave you tired and sluggish. Avoid taking such food before practice. Take light things which are low in fat.

Keep the food safety in mind:

Suffering from food poisoning on the game day is a nightmare. It would slow you down or make you unable to perform. Make sure the food you are eating is safe. Store snacks at proper place where they cannot go bad. Keep the stuff refrigerated like yogurt, cheese, egg, and meat. Keep an eye on the expiry date of any item you are eating.

Stay hydrated:

Morning of your kid should start with a glass of water. He has to drink plenty of water during the game as basketball causes exertion and dehydration can cause a problem. Keep yourself filled with enough fluid before the game and continue drinking even during the game after every 15 minutes. Let your boy drink sports drink after training sessions as it causes heavy sweating.

Timing is important:

At what time you are eating matter a lot for good health. It can be dangerous even if you are eating something healthy at very odd times. Your body takes 3-4 hours to digest a meal. Do not overfill yourself. The food should be digested before your athletic event. Thus, eat a meal three to four hours before the event. Even intake of snacks should be half or an hour before the game.