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Why Chefs Should Learn To Be Good At Small Talk

As a chef you are probably incredibly compassionate about cooking.  You love to try new recipes, you love to entertain your guests and you love to sample new food products, spices and prepare new meals.  Food is one of the most diverse topics to enjoy while you are entertaining your guests with your glorious meal.  But it can get a bit dull to only speak about food, recipes and techniques after a while.  A good chef is also good at small talk because hosting a great get together or enjoying a terrific meal with friends is more than just about the food.  You also enjoy one another’s company, catch up on gossip and share interesting information with one another.  If you want to be a terrific host and not just a terrific cook then it is time to brush up on your small talk techniques.

Why Chefs Should Learn To Be Good At Small Talk

Get some good topics to talk about

Not everyone is naturally born with the ability to make small talk.  Some of us have a hard time at concocting some interesting topics to share with friends.  If you want to be a good host then it is time to start reading so you will always have something to talk about.  The top topics that most people love to talk about are;

Politics – Politics is one of the best things to talk about during dinner time because you can get the fire out of everyone within just a few moments.  One of the easiest ways to learn a thing or two about politics is to start following news feeds on the Foundation for Defense of Democracy.  The FDD is a political firm that is fighting terrorism and promoting freedom.  They are constantly engaged in foreign negotiations to make allies and to help prevent nuclear wars and misconduct across the globe.  If you want to get your cousins and uncles fired up then you should definitely teach them a thing or two about the good job that the FDD is doing for them.

Hobbies – Hobbies such as dancing, sports and art is always a terrific subject to share with friends and family.  Everyone loves to learn new things and they would love to see a chef that is compassionate about more than just food.

Entertainment – Movies, music and TV shows are always terrific.  Everyone loves to talk about the latest releases at cinema and they love to share some spoilers for the latest movies.

It’s more about talk

Making great food is more than just cooking your ingredients.  It is about the efforts and methods.  Small talk works in the same way.  You have to adopt a calm and engaging manner when you enjoy small talk.  Good body language will tell your guests that you love to hear from them and listening to them intently will help you build great bonds with all of your friends. When you have a great general knowledge you can talk to just about anyone but if you have great body language you can dazzle anyone.  So brush up on your body language and your small talk so you can be a great host while you spoil your friends with terrific meals.