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How to Grill like a Pro

One big benefit of warmer temperatures is that it allows many cooks the opportunity to work on an outdoor grill instead of in their kitchens.  Not only can this allow the cook to interact with other people who may be enjoying the festivities, it also allows them to work outdoors when the weather is pleasant.

In order to grill foods like a professional, it is important to have certain key tools in your arsenal.  Not only will having the proper tools make grilling easier, it can also make it safer for the cook and those who will be enjoying the fruits of their labor.  Before you start your grilling season, make sure you have the following items on hand.

How to Grill like a Pro

Tongs and Spatulas

Tongs are spatulas will be two of the primary ways you move various food items on, off and around the grill.  This can help when moving items, such as hotdogs and hamburgers, to warmer or cooler parts of the grill for proper cooking, as well as removing them from the grill once they are ready to eat.  Spatulas make it easier to flip certain items that tend to have flat sides, such as hamburgers.

A set of sturdy tongs can also be used to move various hot grates when necessary, allowing a section to be easily removed if necessary, or providing a way to shift different grates across the cooking area.

Oven or Grilling Mitts

Just as it is wise to use an appropriate set of mitts to remove items from a hot oven or stove, it is also a good idea to have a set to use when grilling.  This provides you a way to grab certain items that may otherwise be too hot to handle.  Certain specialty grilling mitts are even fireproof, allowing them to come in contact with an open flame with a limited risk of damage or injury.

Cooking Brushes

Brushes can help make a variety of tasks simpler.  One brush may be used to spread oil across the cooking surface while another may be used to basting and saucing.  It is a necessity to keep your oil and basting brushes separate.  If multiple sauces are being used, it is best to keep a separate brush for each in order to keep the flavors separate.


Laser thermometers can help you ensure that your grill has been brought up to the correct temperature.  These thermometers work by measuring the electromagnetic radiation being released from an item, with the measurement focused on the point as indicated by the included laser.  This allows a person to get an accurate temperature reading without having to hold a thermometer in hand within a heated space.

Meat thermometers can be used to take the internal temperature of various meats that are being grilled.  This ensures that the internal temperature has reached the required level to kill any bacteria that may have been present before cooking.  Failure to reach key temperature points can increase the risk of contracting a food borne illness.

Wire Brushes

In order to properly clean a grills surface after cooking, a wire brush is often necessary.  Since it is metal, it can be safely used while the grill is still warm, allowing cleanup to be completed before food particles have become dried onto the surface.