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Healthy Cooking, Hale and Hearty Life!

Cooking is an exclusive passion. A passion that some possess while others do not. Therefore, it is widely believed that only those who have an interest in the culinary arts turn out to be good cooks. In other words, cooking is an art.  A recipe is like a piece of an orchestra which a clever chef plays well and mediocre ones fail to perceive. Here are some brilliant tips to help you become the next best chef, even if you do not enjoy cooking much.

Healthy Cooking, Hale and Hearty Life!

  • Cook what you are fond of:

It is always good to cook your desired cravings. It is the best way to take pleasure in your cooking skills. Cooking what you like to eat is also a way to lessen your angst. If you spend a good time in the kitchen cooking your favorite meal, you will feel like going back into it again. Your favorite food stimulates your taste buds and gives you a delicious mealtime experience.

  • Eat healthily and live long:

We all know that eating healthy is the key to the healthy lifestyle. If you surround yourself with healthy foods in the kitchen, it will surely keep you healthy and in shape. It is a widely believed notion that you are what you eat. If you eat healthily, you are expected to live to a ripe old age. Moreover, eating healthy helps keep your body in good physical condition and gives your skin a natural glow.

It is an age-old adage to eat lots of greens, in other words; vegetables as they the healthiest of foods. Now there are several ways to make yourself enjoy eating vegetables even if you do not have a particular liking towards them.

You can learn to grill and steam them. You can even add some toppings to enhance the taste and to add flavors to your vegetables. There are a variety of palatable dressings which boost the savory taste of your food.

For instance, your food can be refreshed with flavored butter, lemon, garlic, virgin olive oil, vinegar etc. Getting a hold of grilled fish is also a healthy eating. Healthy food and quality life go hand in hand. Therefore, one way to becoming a good cook is to start eating healthy.

  • Choose on the right cutting knives:

Each tool in the kitchen has its own purpose, perhaps one of the most important tools in the kitchen is the knife. Picking the right knife will make your job easier in the kitchen. A chef’s knife is comparatively bigger than the paring knife, however, a paring knife is sometimes more helpful than a chef’s knife.

A paring knife helps you to cut smaller pieces of vegetables. It helps you to top up your salads with the julienned vegetables such as carrots. You may add flavor to your food with julienned ginger with the help of a paring knife.

These come in different sizes and comprise of different shapes. These usually come in the three general shapes; bird’s beak, classic, and sheep’s foot, each designed for your ease. You have to choose the paring knife that is most comfortable in your hand.  The right knife can make your job easy and unproblematic in the kitchen.

  • Opt for the right utensils to cook:

Nonstick pans are a way to go in the kitchen. They require less oil, energy, and are easier to clean. Nonstick pans are made to aid you to cook without any hassle in the kitchen. They save your food from getting stuck to the bottom of your utensil. As less oil is used in such pans, less cholesterol is consumed which increases the life expectancy of the individual.

Planning a Party in a Restaurant

You have decided that you are going to have a party in a restaurant. You may assume that it is easier simply because you do not have to fix your home anymore before your guests arrive but it will also take a lot of planning and hard work to ensure that the restaurant party will become a huge success.

There is one thing that you should remember, the fees that you are going to pay for a restaurant party is much higher compared to the party that you can have at home. It can still be great too because you know that your friends will all be in one place at one time. There are other advantages that you should consider:

  • You do not have to clean anything. From the preparation of the place to the dishes that you have used for eating, you know that you will not do any sort of cleaning.
  • You can choose and limit the number of people that you are going to attend because of the reservation. No need to invite someone that you do not want to be there anyway.
  • The food is guaranteed to be special. As you already know, the food in restaurants always manage to taste different from the ones that you make at home. If you are going to serve special tasting food for a specific type of occasion then you have nothing to worry about.

Planning a Party in a Restaurant

There is an all-inclusive Christmas party in Lancester that you can avail. It does not matter whether Christmas is still far away or it is already near. What matters is that you have a chance to check the total cost of the money that you are going to spend.

Now that you already know the advantages that you can get when you plan your party in a restaurant, here are other tips:

  1. Send Invitations – You have finalized the people who are going to attend your intimate lunch or dinner. You can always send invitations about 2 weeks before the actual day of the restaurant party. This will prepare the crowd ahead of time.
  2. Speak to the Staff of the Restaurant – You have to pick the staff member like the manager who can always make changes to the rules that are set by the restaurant. You can already talk about the food that needs to be served as well as the spot in the restaurant where you would like to hangout.
  3. Plan the Food Immediately – There is something about choosing the right food that will make you feel better about what you are going to serve. Without proper food, how will your guests eat? Not letting your guest eat may be one of the worst things that you can do.
  4. Pay – A lot of people love paying at the very last minute but this can be problematic. If you want, you may settle for the reservation of the restaurant and pay immediately. If you don’t, there may be some extras you will be held accountable for.

With all of the tips that are mentioned above, you can have a great Christmas party planned ahead of time.

Cooking is an Art

Many of us take for granted the fact that cooking is an art. Sure, there are plenty of people who can successfully follow a recipe. However, the chef who created that recipe deserves credit for his/her artistry in the kitchen, if indeed the recipe is a good one. Becoming an artist doesn’t have to be limited to those who paint.

Consider Stephen Collins, he has 4 decades of fame and success in the arts. He is a musician capable of playing bass guitar, a well-known actor, writer, and director. His academic success is equally laudable. And, thankfully, he is one of the few who recognizes the value of supporting various artistic, educational and charitable endeavors. We suspect he’s probably a big fan of food too.

Cooking is an Art

Why is Cooking an Art?

Maybe you are wondering, “Why is cooking an art?” We don’t blame you, since most people don’t consider time in the kitchen an artistic vocation. However, the palette with which a chef paints, requires a good deal of knowledge and craftsmanship. Yes, he/she must use food, spices, sauces, and cooking techniques rather than paints and brushes, but this does not negate the necessary skill level to create a culinary masterpiece. Consider these things before you pass judgment on the culinary arts:

  • Oscar Wilde’s Definition: In The Picture of Dorian Gray, Wilde states, “The artist is the creator of beautiful things.” We have to wonder if you have never looked down at a chef’s presentation for you and thought, “This is beautiful.” If not, you have been missing out on one of life’s great joys, a meal to remember. Learn more.
  • Artists are Visionaries- A true culinary artist is one who can envision not only the aesthetic presentation of the food being created, but the way it will taste as well. He/she must be able to blend the textures and flavors so skillfully, that the recipient is left satisfied and simultaneously wanting more. Meet some of these
  • Artists are Craftsmen- If you have ever had the pleasure of watching a painter, or musician, you know you have been mesmerized by the skills he/she possesses. You are enamored by the way the brush takes a blob of paint and transforms it into something beautiful. You are astonished by the speed and brilliance of one playing the guitar or piano. So it is with a chef’s knife, or even the flipping of the pans. It all takes practice upon more practice and thereby a craftsman is born.
  • Artists Take Risks- Culinary artists specifically, are forced to use familiar ingredients in new ways. They are willing to take the risks to blend colors, aromas, textures, and flavors in dishes that appeal to all your senses.
  • Culinary Art is Temporal– While literary and musical arts will remain, culinary arts only last as long as the food on the plate. Each time a masterpiece is created in the kitchen it is done with the care of one who wants it to be enjoyed for ages but knows that it will be gone within moments. Thankfully some of the beauty of the culinary artists’ creations can be memorialized in film, but the flavor will only remain in the memory of those who enjoyed the piece.

Do not negate the value of art in life. And, certainly do not underestimate the chef’s skill as an artist. You can read more about culinary artistry here.

How to Love and Enjoy Cooking

Perhaps you have always wanted to learn how to cook but you know that you do not have enough cooking skills in order to make those complicated meals that you have always wanted. You may even think that cooking can only make you unhappy especially if you are being forced to do it.

When you already have your own home, you cannot rely on take-out food and fast food all the time. Rather, you have to learn how to serve meals for yourself and for your loved ones. Do not worry, you do not have to aspire to become the best chef in the world to love what you do in the kitchen. Just remember that when you start spending time in the kitchen, you will realize that it is one way for you to release your stress and focus more on the food that you are serving.

How to Love and Enjoy Cooking

Here are some of the things that you can do to enjoy cooking:

  1. Be health conscious of what you prepare.

Being in charge of the food that you cook in your own kitchen will give you the opportunity to find fresh produce and other products that can be considered healthy and good for your health. Just imagine, you can also control the flavors of the food that you eat. This will prove to be amazing for you.

  1. Have the right knives.

There are different knives that you need to have in your kitchen. They all have different uses. Learn how you can use each knife and you will be surprised with how much easier it is to cook food. A lot of times, not having the right knives can discourage people from cooking because it takes longer than usual.

  1. Learn to cook the food that you love.

If you want to thoroughly enjoy cooking, you need to make an effort to cook the food that you want to eat. Granted that the food you love may not always be healthy but if you want to start loving how to cook, you can start from this. Once you learn how to cook the food that you love, this is when you can start making variations on how to make the dishes healthier but still packed with a lot of flavor.

  1. Be confident in cooking.

If you would always assume that something bad is going to happen or the food that you are going to prepare will not taste good then your food will be horrible. Be confident in the kitchen and do your best. Your efforts will soon be rewarded.

Remember that it will be easy to love cooking when you are at a home that you love. You may want to take out home insurance from Alliance and Associates. You will get free quotations that will allow you to know how much you ought to prepare too. You will have a grand home with a clean kitchen wherein you can experiment and cook your own food.

Starting Up A New Restaurant

In today’s modern era, coming up with a creative business idea and which reflects thinking out of the box is a bit hard. The reason behind that is the fact that the marketplace is full of competition. No matter how much you ponder upon it, you cannot come up with the idea that has not been taken by others till now. However, if you have a business streak within you, you can still get successful at it. You can think of several surefire ideas that have already been used but can be used in a different way.

For instance, you can start a service like Rustic Pathways by providing amazing community travel experience to the students or you can start a saloon like Tony and Guy but with differentiation. One of the most flourishing businesses nowadays is the food industry. You can never go wrong if you start up a restaurant. Read some of the best tips to buy things before starting a restaurant of your own:

Starting Up A New Restaurant

  • Know The Theme Of Your Restaurant:

In this modern period, the restaurants and cafes are opening up with diverse and graceful themes. These themes are so elegant that people are literally compelled to visit these at least once a week. Restaurant themes might include a rendition of the famous TV shows like Friends or Dexter.

Moreover, these eating places have a replica of movies such as the Harry Potter! The imagination is infinite, you just name it. The key is to create an exclusive design so that the people would love to visit you over and again. Once they enter your place, it’s time to provide them exceptional services. If they get satisfied with your service, they’ll be your loyal customers.

  • Have The Best Location:

The most important thing while opening a restaurant of your own is to choose a prime location. Choosing the right place is important due to the fact that it is one of the automatic ways to grow your business. If it is far from the metro city, people will not bother to travel that much and visit your place when they can travel less and find another restaurant nearby.

Though finding a good place in the middle of the city is a bit difficult and costly, you still need to make it a point to have your restaurant set in the middle or somewhere people would be comfortable to reach. In addition to that, make sure that you choose a location that has enough parking space as it would let your customers park their cars at a safe place.

  • Unique Name:

Choosing a common name for your café or a restaurant is a bad idea in today’s era. You need to come up with a name that shows your uniqueness, differentiation and creates a persona of your business in the minds of your customers. It is the very first thing that attracts customers to come in your restaurant. Moreover, the name you pick should depict the theme of your restaurant.

  • Stand Yourself Apart From The Crowd:

Customers are compelled to visit your restaurant over and again due to the fact that they receive extraordinary services from your side. The better the services, the higher the chances of people visiting your place again. Serve over-indulging food with the most efficient services to get your hands on several customers.

How to Improve Your Cooking Skills

Have you always wished that you can improve on your cooking skills? You know that it will be up to you to make this possible. You can always purchase some ingredients that are more expensive than your usual ones. When you do this, you are always improving the quality of the food that you cook but this is not enough.

When it comes to cooking, you may not need the help of psychics in order to improve your condition but you may require the assistance of psychics when there are some things that you want to know more about in your life. For example, you are not sure if you should continue with the business venture that you are planning. Through the psychic’s help, you will be able to formulate a decision. You may always check out This will help solve the issues and problems that you may have.

How to Improve Your Cooking Skills

Once you have already settled your other issues in life, now are the time for you to focus on improving your kitchen skills. Here are just a few tips that you can follow:

  1. When you are going to cook something that you have never cooked before, check the recipe first before you begin.

There are a lot of people who read the recipe as they go along. While this is efficient and can make things faster, the possibility of making mistakes is also greater. You can always avoid this by reading and understanding all the instructions even before you make an effort to cook.

  1. Practice a certain method when it comes to the food that you store in your refrigerator.

There are a lot of times wherein the things that you place on your refrigerator and even your freezer become forgotten because the food gets buried with all the other things that you place. The newer food products should be placed at the back. It will also be useful to keep track of all the food that you have. This will lessen the possibility of spoilage.

  1. Do not be afraid to use your hands.

There are a lot of things that you are going to do in your kitchen that will require the use of your hands. When you are kneading dough, you need to use your hands. If you do not do this, then your dough will not turn out as fine as you would like it.

  1. Know what your taste is.

People have different tastes when it comes to food. Some food that you find yummy will not be too appealing to other people. You would have to consider this when you are cooking only for yourself or for other family members. You may need to make some adjustments to please more people. For example, even if you love spicy food, not everyone can take too much spice so you have to limit it.

  1. Become aware of how food smell.

Do you know that through the smell of food, you can tell if what you are cooking is cooking well or is not cooking fast enough. This is something that you develop over time so do not be discouraged if you are unable to use your sense of smell when you start cooking.

With all of these things in mind, you will become a better cook eventually. Cooking can help get rid of your stress and other worries if you put your heart into it.

Out Of the Box Job Opportunities That Chefs Can Consider

When you think about your future career after graduating you probably picture yourself in a sleek white uniform in the kitchen of a fancy restaurant.  Restaurants probably has the most job opportunities for chefs but there are plenty of other places to look for great chef jobs that has terrific added benefits.  Sure, you might not earn the fantastic salary that a five star restaurant will pay but cooking for an alternative company often means a lot less work, a lot less stress and a lot more fun.  Here are some great job opportunities that you should seek out when it is time to go job hunting.

Cook meals for a limo bus

Limo busses are more than just a fancy transportation method.  The guests of these five star busses are treated with ultimate luxury service.  The Limo Bus Perth itself is something to marvel at because this fantastic bus has all the comfort and convenience that guests can ask for and they can seat up to 48 people. If you can land a cooking job at one of these companies then you can be part of their quality service and cook wonderful meals and snacks for everyone on the bus and who knows, you might even get a chance to also join in on the fun of the bus rides.

Out Of the Box Job Opportunities That Chefs Can Consider

Get a job on a cruise ship

You can definitely keep an eye out for cruise ship opportunities.  If you become a cruise ship chef you will enjoy fantastic benefits such as free cruises where you can see the world and explore.  You will also receive a great salary since most cruise ships pay their crew and especially their chef quite well.

Consider working at a lodge

Most lodges are looking for stay-in chefs to cater for their client’s needs.  When you land a job at a lodge you are very likely to enjoy free accommodation and you can frequently enjoy many of the activities the lodge offers such as swimming and more.

Apply for cooking jobs at celebrity homes

If you can land a cooking job at a celebrity’s home then you have the ultimate job because you don’t have to cook quite as much on a daily basis and you will get a great salary since they most certainly can afford to pay you for your expertise.  Chefs that cook for celebrities do however have to sharpen their knowledge on healthy eating so your celebrity boss can look fantastic and healthy all the time.

Start your own food truck

An own business is always a great idea because you get a lot of freedom, you are never treated badly by a boss or sous chef and you can plan your day to suit your schedule.  A food truck is one of the best ways to start off your cooking career.  You can drive around and sell food at any location where there are plenty of people such as on campuses, at busy supermarkets at sports events and more.

Chefs and Cell Phones

Once you get all the cooking scholarships you can muster, and are well on your way to a culinary degree, you will have to face some interesting conundrums. What’s the deal with chefs and cell phones? One side says that chefs are really digging access to phones in the kitchen. The other side complains that people are too addicted to the phones to enjoy their meals. Where will you stand?

Wait. Don’t make that decision just yet. The truth is, you’re not going to get rid of your LG Stylo 2, no matter what side of the argument you choose to take. So, you might as well take an online jaunt over to izengate. There you will find the perfect wallet flip cover phone case for your cell. You can keep the screen clean while you’re running the mixer. That is, if you are so inclined to utilize your phone in the kitchen.

Chefs and Cell Phones

Taking a Stand For or Against

Let’s face it, people are in love with their phones. However, it would appear that chefs have a love hate relationship with cell phones in general. Therefore, we would like to present you both sides of the argument so that you can make an informed decision to take a stand for or against. Here’s the scoop:


The chefs on this side of the proverbial fence think that cell phones are a great asset in the kitchen. iPhones, specifically, appear to be a great gadget for well-meaning chefs country wide. They offer the ability to look up recipes and keep track of necessary ingredients while working. Learn more.

And, chefs like that there are a number of apps that allow you to convert common measurement issues, or prepare shopping lists for thousands of recipes. And then, there are the podcasts and how-to videos that can empower even the most basic line chefs to create masterpieces.

When they step outside of the kitchen, chef’s find one benefit to cell phones. They are appreciative of your desire to photograph the food placed before you. However, they don’t necessarily want it to appear on Yelp.


As with all arguments, there are two sides. The anti-cell phone side is more focused on the phones outside the kitchen. While many chefs are flattered by a customer’s desire to photograph the food they have created, they are more interested in having the people eat it while it’s hot. Additionally, they are disturbed by the fact that a focus on the cell phone screen seems to detract from the purpose of going out to dinner, spending time with those you have gone out with. Read this.

One chef called utilizing cell phones during dinner, and in her restaurant, a faux pas. She says it interferes with, and detracts from, the ambiance created by the restaurant. And, she feels that being on the phone disturbs the other diners, which is just rude. Oh, and don’t use flash photography when taking pictures of her masterful creations.

One final area of cell phone annoyance isn’t even aimed at the customers. Rather, chefs are particularly aggravated by those on the floor, waiters, hosts, and managers, who choose to play on their phones. It drives them bonkers and in some cases would be grounds for firing depending upon which chef the individual was working for.

If you’d like to learn more about chefs’ positions on cell phones feel free to keep reading.

A Guide to Healthy Cooking

Love to cook healthy?  Here are some tips you can incorporate into your everyday cooking to spin out healthier dishes.

Texturize Your Meals

To make vegetables all the more energizing so you’ll need to eat a greater amount of them, consolidate distinctive flavors and surfaces. For instance, toss greens with vinaigrette and include cut avocado and fragmented almonds. Sauté new zucchini and summer squash, and top with Parmesan cheddar and pounded softly salted pistachios. Cut tomatoes and crisp mozzarella, and shower with balsamic vinegar and additional virgin olive oil, and serve on toasted crostini. For more healthy ideas like these, check out SoundBodyLife Facebook Page. Don’t forget to hit the like button to receive regular health-related updates from them.

Split the Difference

Rather than taking after a recipe word-for-word, begin by cutting unfortunate fixings, for example, oil, margarine, or sugar considerably. At that point acclimate to taste. Odds are you’ll have the capacity to use far not as much as the recipe called for to make a similar flavor.

A Guide to Healthy Cooking

Freeze Flavor

When fresh herbs begin to wit, slash them up and place them in ice cube tray with extra virgin olive oil. Once frozen, take out the cubes and store in resealable plastic bags. You can utilize them to add flavor to pretty much everything. In addition to the common ways you cook with oil, warm a couple of cubes to sprinkle on top of microwaved popcorn or a bowl of soup, or dip bread into the herb oil.

Dress Chicly

For a good salad dressing without any undesirable fats, puree an avocado with herbs and different flavorings, for example, crisp mint and chilies.

Use the Cream of the Crop

Numerous classic comfort foods get their comfortable fulfillment from margarine, substantial creams, and cheddar. You don’t need to surrender dishes like creamed spinach and pureed potatoes; rather make them more beneficial: Use unsweetened almond drain and simmered garlic to make pureed potatoes rich and smooth, and for creamed spinach, blend custard flour rather than white flour with unsweetened almond drain to make the sauce.

Draw Out Food’s Tender Side

The naturally found lactic acid present in Greek yogurt separates protein to make incline meats, angle, and even veggies much tastier and delicate. Mix nonfat plain Greek yogurt with new herbs and seasonings to make a delectable, sans oil marinade. You’ll save around 110 calories for each tablespoon simultaneously.

Perk Up BBQ

Dilute BBQ sauce with extra blended espresso (2 tablespoons of espresso for each half measure of sauce) to decrease salt and calories.

Add a Leaf to Beef

Mix boiled or steamed kale into meatloaf and meatballs to include moistness and also beta-carotene and lutein to protect your eyes. Press the kale dry, then finely cleave and include 1/2 container to 1-pound ground meat.

Salt Your Sweets

A little squeeze of good quality salt, for example, Himalayan gem salt truly draws out the flavor in desserts or organic product smoothies. What’s more, the tastier and fulfilling something is, the less of it you may feel you have to eat.

Pick the Best Pan

Cook in a decent quality nonstick skillet. This will empower you to utilize significantly less oil since the protein won’t adhere to the skillet. Additionally, have a go at oiling the protein daintily before adding it to the dish instead of emptying oil into the skillet before cooking. By then it’s harder to control the amount you’re including.

Best Sauces to Serve with Grilled Food

Have you always loved grilling different food? You are not alone. A lot of people usually enjoy grilling especially when they know what to marinade their food in. If you also enjoy grilling, you are aware that grilled food seems to have their own personality. They have a tendency to show different flavors depending on the sauce that you will add.

Due to social media, people have resulted to taking pictures or videos of the food that they have cooked. They do this whenever they are proud of what they have done or whenever they feel the need to share. Have you tried Facebook Live videos? This allows you to share what you are doing in real time. For sure, you will make a lot of people happy with what you share especially if what you can share with them can be considered useful and substantial.

Best Sauces to Serve with Grilled Food

Going back to grilled food, there are some that are already wonderful even when eaten without sauce but you have to admit that there are moments when you just need sauce to make the flavors of what you have grilled become enhanced. Perhaps you would like to impress the guests you are going to serve the grilled food to or you would like to impress your own taste buds. It will depend on you what you want.

Here are some flavorful sauces that will never let you down.

  1. Flavored Butter – Do you want something that can be considered effete? If yes, then this may be the perfect sauce to indulge in. The thing here is you have to flavor your butter appropriately. You may do this with a little bit of parsley. You can be sure that this will make your grilled food even more flavorful.
  2. Mayo, Lemon and Garlic – If you want to add taste that is already tried and tested then you can never go wrong with this combination. You can expect that these different factors will manage to improve the taste of any grilled food that you choose to cook.
  3. Salsa – If you want something that can match well with the grilled food that you have cooked or you want something a bit tropical then you can go with salsa with fruits. Normally you can use mango, tomatoes and onions. Remember to match them all well together and you will experience delightful flavors in your mouth.
  4. Caper Based Sauce – This is the type of sauce that will work best for any type of meat especially steak but if you are a bit experimental, you can try it out with other grilled food as well.
  5. Poblano – This is another type of sauce which is known to be better with different types of meat that you have grilled but if you would like to use it on your other grilled food too, you will not be disappointed with its taste. Make sure to puree the peppers so that it can taste better.

With all of these sauces to choose from, you can be pretty sure that you will taste amazing flavors in your mouth.