Instagram Accounts You Should Follow for Your Cooking Aspirations

So, you want to go to culinary school? Well, you better hope you are already a darn good chef. If you think you can pan fry with the big guys, these are the Instagram accounts you should follow for your cooking aspirations. The people on these accounts have already garnered a significant following, which is what every amazing chef should aspire to. How else are you going to make it big?

Have you ever wondered how to get Instagram likes on your account? Have you posted delicious images of your home cooked creations and yet seen little return for your work? Well, believe it or not, some people actually buy Instagram likes. Since there are more than 500 million users, it’s not hard to find someone to like what you’re posting. But, it may cost you. They do say that nothing good is free, right? Now it’s time to learn from the best.

Instagram Accounts You Should Follow for Your Cooking Aspirations

10 Instagram Accounts that Can Help Your Culinary Career

As much as you would like to believe that it’s all about flavor and texture, business is a lot more complicated than that. So, once you have attained the scholarships and grants you need to make it to culinary school in the first place, it’s time to learn from those who have already made names for themselves. These are the 10 Instagram accounts that can help your culinary career:

  1. Fit Men Cook– These guys will teach you that healthy cooking doesn’t have to be boring and bland. You will learn how to sell the taste of an avocado-fudge panini. It sounds kind of gross to us, but these guys make all things healthy look scrumptious.
  2. Sweetgreen- Here you can learn the value of inspiration and humor. Sure, they can show you great veggie pics, but they will also be your muse. And, if you’ll allow, your jester.
  3. SkinnyTaste- One of the most useful things you will learn is the art of utilizing leftovers. You will not always have the ability to create meals from scratch, sometimes you must use what’s available in the fridge and left in the pantry. You’ll get some great ideas here.
  4. Wholehearted Eats- If you are looking for gluten free, vegetarian, or vegan options, this is the lady to follow. Sophie, the blogger, is based in Canada and she’s all about providing great foods for people with dietary restrictions.
  5. Chocolate Covered Katie- We’ve given you several incredible, good for you, accounts to follow. But, we really like this one! This is decadent Instagram. The proof is found in the chocolate pecan pie. However, to let you in on a little secret, a lot of her amazing desserts are healthier than you think.
  6. MyneWroots- These pics will definitely educate you in the realm of presentation. Sometimes whimsical kale umbrellas are necessary for convincing pickier eaters to give them a try.
  7. Lexi’s Clean Kitchen- We’ve seen vegan and vegetarian. Now it is time to dive into the world of Paleo cuisine. You’ll get kitchen tips, and if you’re lucky she might even repost one of your pictures as she’s been known to do that with fans. Check her out here.
  8. Talking Food– This is more about the word play than the meal. So, if you are looking for some great food puns, you have arrived at the mecca. Click this to see what we’re talking about.

If you need more Instagram culinary accounts to follow, this link will do the trick.