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Chefs and Cell Phones

Once you get all the cooking scholarships you can muster, and are well on your way to a culinary degree, you will have to face some interesting conundrums. What’s the deal with chefs and cell phones? One side says that chefs are really digging access to phones in the kitchen. The other side complains that people are too addicted to the phones to enjoy their meals. Where will you stand?

Wait. Don’t make that decision just yet. The truth is, you’re not going to get rid of your LG Stylo 2, no matter what side of the argument you choose to take. So, you might as well take an online jaunt over to izengate. There you will find the perfect wallet flip cover phone case for your cell. You can keep the screen clean while you’re running the mixer. That is, if you are so inclined to utilize your phone in the kitchen.

Chefs and Cell Phones

Taking a Stand For or Against

Let’s face it, people are in love with their phones. However, it would appear that chefs have a love hate relationship with cell phones in general. Therefore, we would like to present you both sides of the argument so that you can make an informed decision to take a stand for or against. Here’s the scoop:


The chefs on this side of the proverbial fence think that cell phones are a great asset in the kitchen. iPhones, specifically, appear to be a great gadget for well-meaning chefs country wide. They offer the ability to look up recipes and keep track of necessary ingredients while working. Learn more.

And, chefs like that there are a number of apps that allow you to convert common measurement issues, or prepare shopping lists for thousands of recipes. And then, there are the podcasts and how-to videos that can empower even the most basic line chefs to create masterpieces.

When they step outside of the kitchen, chef’s find one benefit to cell phones. They are appreciative of your desire to photograph the food placed before you. However, they don’t necessarily want it to appear on Yelp.


As with all arguments, there are two sides. The anti-cell phone side is more focused on the phones outside the kitchen. While many chefs are flattered by a customer’s desire to photograph the food they have created, they are more interested in having the people eat it while it’s hot. Additionally, they are disturbed by the fact that a focus on the cell phone screen seems to detract from the purpose of going out to dinner, spending time with those you have gone out with. Read this.

One chef called utilizing cell phones during dinner, and in her restaurant, a faux pas. She says it interferes with, and detracts from, the ambiance created by the restaurant. And, she feels that being on the phone disturbs the other diners, which is just rude. Oh, and don’t use flash photography when taking pictures of her masterful creations.

One final area of cell phone annoyance isn’t even aimed at the customers. Rather, chefs are particularly aggravated by those on the floor, waiters, hosts, and managers, who choose to play on their phones. It drives them bonkers and in some cases would be grounds for firing depending upon which chef the individual was working for.

If you’d like to learn more about chefs’ positions on cell phones feel free to keep reading.

5 Jobs at Restaurants to Pay off Student Debt

Jobs at Restaurants

Nearly all students have debts; however some look past serving or cooking in a restaurant to help pay it off. Restaurants can be great places to work as you develop your abilities within a team and are not forced to sit behind a computer all day or answer a phone. You will also meet a lot of interesting people and hopefully make some friends while you are at it. The fast-paced nature of restaurant work will be a welcome change to students coming out of a degree where they spend hundreds of hours reading one book. On top of all this, there is the free food that staff members seem to relish. Here are 5 jobs within the restaurant industry that can help you pay off that student debt.

1. Chef.

As you a chef you will spend your time doing what everyone expects a chef to do, which is cooking. If you enjoy this and want to start earning with the talent that you have for food and its preparation, then becoming a chef could well be a great way for you to start paying off student debt.

2. Washing up.

No one likes doing washing up; there is no way to gloss over this fact. However, doing the washing does become a bit more appealing if you are getting paid for it! With restaurants always needing clean plates, there are always washing up jobs available. Also, dishwashers are becoming more and more common, making the person doing the washing up’s job easier.

3. Waiting on.

You will be bringing out food to tables, possibly getting a little taste off the chefs as well as you go. Whilst you will not be interacting as much as the front-of-house staff with customers, you will get human interaction which can be great to develop your people skills whilst paying off your student debts.

4. Front of house.

As the front-of-house staff you welcome guests and show them to their table, perhaps taking their orders as well. You need good people skills as you will be the first member of staff they encounter when they enter your establishment, so make sure you are welcoming and friendly.visit this website for more related information.

5. Bar staff.

If you have a passion for drinks (as many students no doubt do!) then becoming a member of a bar staff team seems the next logical step. You will fill your time making drinks and pouring pints for customers.

Jobs at Restaurants

Hopefully one of the above is the right fit for you and you can see yourself getting into one of the positions that will help pay off that student debt. Whilst working in a restaurant isn’t for everyone, it is an accessible way to earn a bit of extra money to help alleviate your debt. One of these jobs above, such as cooking, will see your student debt begin to fall, something at the top of all us students’ wish list.view full information at http://www.newsmax.com/Finance/StreetTalk/job-college-degree-leisure/2015/03/05/id/628383/

10 Best Cooking Scholarships in the US

Best Cooking Scholarships in the US

If you are considering cooking scholarships and are looking at culinary schools, then you will definitely want to do your research (perhaps why you are reading this). A culinary scholarship is similar to any other scholarship, in that you receive a form of grant or payment that aids your study, meaning that you can study at somewhere that otherwise you would have not been able to afford to. Of course these scholarships are regulated and only the best candidates are offered them. However, within the culinary scholarship bracket there are many options, such as either private or public education, full or part-time courses or international or domestic study. You can also choose what area to specialise in, or decide to have a more broad education.

The 10 of the best scholarships.

• The Institute of Food Technologies – undergraduate and postgraduate funding is provided through their Feeding Tomorrow program. Since being introduced in 1985, over 4,000 cooking scholarships have been awarded to food science students.

• CANFIT – available for undergraduate and graduates who need financial support to study culinary skills and cooking in the state of California. Certain standards must be met and can be found on their website http://www.fastscholarships.net/.

• International Culinary Institute – offering several different kinds of scholarships that are regulated.

• Institutions for Culinary Education – 5 different organizations offer 10 scholarships between them for those who are looking to study but require a cooking scholarship. In 2015, they launched a challenge where candidates submitted a 1-minute video in the hope of winning 1 of 8 scholarships to a program, with the total value being $140,000.

• Women Chefs and Restaurateurs – This organization offer a $5,000 scholarship to be put towards to tuition of 610 hour diploma in Pastry and Baking. The organization has over 2,000 members, giving those who become a part of it a chance to network and access support services.checkout their latest post to get updates.

• Charlie Trotter Culinary Education Foundation – Established in 1999 by Chef Charles Trotter, this cooking scholarship involves processes with both local and national organizations. The scholarships are primarily needs based, but also take into account ability and outstanding candidates. In 2014, 10 students received $2,500.

• American Institute for Wine and Food – Scholarships are not available from the organization itself, but from local Chapters who are willing to award said scholarship.

• American Academy of Chefs – They offer scholarships to high school students to college students who are looking to further their knowledge and increase their ability within a kitchen.

• California Restaurant Association Educational Foundation Scholarships.

Best Cooking Scholarships in the US

• Cabot Creamery Culinary Scholarship – For those located within Vermont, who are undergraduate or graduate students and in financial need.

As you can probably guess, this list is far from inclusive and misses out a lot of great culinary schools and organizations that offer scholarships. However, the key to remember is to do your homework to make sure that the scholarships you apply for are the best suited to you and your preferences. So, there you have it, 10 of the best cooking scholarships in the US.