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Why You Should Add Fermented Soybeans to Your Cooking

The humble green soybean, with its similarity to peas in a pod, might be bubbled, splashed, soured, cooked or fermented to make nourishments that are staples of veggie lover diets. While tofu, soy drain and edamame are unfermented, tempeh, miso and soy sauce are cases of fermented soy foods. Soy that has experienced fermenting may offer various advantages for your health. Here are some reasons why you should use fermented soy beans while cooking.

Why You Should Add Fermented Soybeans to Your Cooking

Protein Source

All soy nourishments convey protein without high measures of saturated fat. For instance, a 100-gram serving of cooked tempeh – around 3.5 ounces – gives you more than 18 grams of protein. That is 39 percent of a female’s daily need for protein and 32 percent of a man’s. Of the 11 grams of fat in this serving of tempeh, just 3.4 grams are saturated. A 100-gram serving of miso gives right around 12 grams of protein and 6 grams of fat, of which just 1 gram is saturated. Picking unsaturated fats from plant sustenances like soy over saturated fats from animal foods can have heart-medical advantages.


Soy is among the most well-known sustenance allergens, alongside dairy and tree nuts. Be that as it may, fermented soy seems to lessen its allergenic properties. A research by scientists at the University of Illinois and distributed in “Food Engineering and Ingredients” in 2008 found that unfavorably susceptible responses to soy were sliced by 99 percent through fermentation. The procedure likewise seems to expand the accessibility of the amino acids in soy sustenances. The scientists noticed that aging separates the protein in soy into little particles that antibodies can’t distinguish as foreign matter.

Women Health

Soy foods are rich in plant mixes called isoflavones, which may profit women’s wellbeing specifically. Women to Women reports that the isoflavones in soy can help ease peri-menopausal and menopausal side effects, particularly hot flashes and night sweats. The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine takes note of that soy utilization can be disease defensive, especially decreasing your danger of breast cancer, and may likewise help anticipate fibroid tumors. A 100-gram serving of tempeh supplies you with 96 milligrams of bone-strong calcium, or around 10 percent of a woman’s every day prerequisite.


Soybeans are vigorously treated with pesticides and regularly developed with hereditarily altered seeds. Poisons from traditionally developed soybeans can gather in your body after some time, so Dr. Dixie Mills of Women to Women proposes you buy natural soy sustenances and those obviously checked “non-GMO.” You can utilize tempeh as a meat substitute in vegan bean stew, tacos and stews, while miso makes a snappy, nutritious soup and soy sauce adds flavor to your blend fries. Know, however, that some fermented soy nourishments, particularly miso and soy sauce, are high in sodium, so utilize them with some restraint in the event that you have hypertension or might be at risk for it. Ensure that you buy the best fermented soybeans that are purely organic and will provide the maximum health benefits to your mind and body.

Why cooking is good for you

With takeout busy schedules and restaurants we are not paying much attention to our kitchens and the fine art of cooking. This is unfortunately not the healthiest option for us. Our bodies don’t like the unhealthy foods that we are consuming on a daily basis because we don’t have time to cook anymore. It is unfortunate that the bad foods have become irresistible and that these foods contain ingredients that make us crave fat, sugar and other bad things more. It is almost a bit of trickery conducted by our brains telling us that we need more. It is time to get back in the kitchen. The toll diabetes is taking on people in the US is living proof of how dangerous our food choices have become. It is said that one in four children have pre-diabetes or diabetes type 2. That is scary! Click here for more diabetes statistics.

Why cooking is good for you

So where do we begin to rectify this dire situation? We have to start in our kitchen and with the food we eat. It is time for a culinary makeover.  Fatty foods aren’t good for us and cholesterol is also popping out its ugly head more than it should. Take a look at Dove Press for some very interesting medical research and study information that will let you know what is being invented in the medical industry and where we stand with medical technology. We need to go back to the drawing board and start cooking real food. This starts with good stuff like our leafy greens and organic food.

The biggest mistake people make is by thinking that they are actually saving money by ordering takeaways. It is shown that cooking at home will save you a bundle and you will get to enjoy the benefit and therapeutic qualities that can only be experienced by cooking a meal at home. The best part about cooking your food at home is that you will actually be completely aware of what you eat. I have found various questionable items in my takeout order before which made me gag at the fast-food industry. Click here to take a look at some of the worst things found in takeaways.

We can almost say that is time to start a food revolution. We should fight back by doing a major cleanup in our kitchens. Get rid of the fatty and processed foods and replace it with healthier options. Your children will only reap the benefits of this exercise because lunches must also be packed and healthier. They say that you feel the benefits of a healthier lifestyle right away and that you can decrease your chances of heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure tenfold. All of these reasons truly justify cooking and eating at home.  Once you have gotten rid of the bad food in your home make a family day of it and go shopping at the fresh produce market and the trusted butcher around the corner. Support local suppliers to make sure you always get the best quality and explore with new recipes.

Love to Cook Safely

Cooking is perhaps one of life’s greatest joys. It allows for the utilization of both intellect and creativity. There is freedom to combine and try out flavors while there is the necessity to keep track of measurements. Cooking is both science and craft. But, it only works well when you love to cook safely.

If you have never had the unfortunate experience of being made ill by food you are quite blessed. Sadly, most of us have, at some point, gotten very sick thanks to a bout with food poisoning. While it might be very uncomfortable to think of food as having the potential to poison, it is a fact that all cooks need to be aware of.

Love to Cook Safely

Steps to Prevent Food Poisoning

Food poisoning can be prevented if you will follow the proper procedures necessary for protection. Imagine that you are throwing a marvelous party for your friends and shortly after ingesting your chicken wraps one of them becomes violently ill and has to be taken to urgent care. Your New Jersey home has now become a haven for sickness. What could you have done differently?

If you will follow these four directives you will cut down your chances of poisoning your friends and family (possibly even yourself):

  1. Cook- Temperature is always very important when you are cooking. While you might be inclined to “look” at the meat to determine its done-ness, the best method incorporates the use of a thermometer. You want to ensure that any potential bacteria have been baked away with the necessary amounts of heat.
  2. Clean- Bacteria are everywhere. So ensuring that your hands and counters are clean can do a world of good.
  3. Chill- Keep your food well chilled, especially if you are taking it somewhere. Food should not be allowed to sit out longer than an hour.
  4. Separate- Do not allow cross-contamination. That means that you make sure your raw meats, eggs, and seafood do not have access to prepared foods.

It’s More Serious than You Think

While the majority of the populace believes that food poisoning will simply result in gut problems for a limited amount of time the truth is, it’s more serious than you think. Some food-borne illness can lead to death or prolonged health issues. And, if you’ve ever had one we’re certain you felt like you were going to die.

Making sure you follow the four step procedures listed above can certainly decrease your chances of contracting a food-borne illness. Some other suggestions worthy of consideration, for your own personal protection include:

  • Don’t eat at other people’s houses
  • Avoid the potlucks at work
  • Check packages for expiration dates
  • Clean all your vegetables with specifically designed veggie soaps (you can read about them here)

If you think you might have contracted a food-borne illness, here are some suggestions for making it through the ordeal:

  • Control vomiting- Stay away from solid foods, especially those that have been fried or are spicy. Eat saltines if you think you’re ready and sip (don’t gulp) clear liquids.
  • Avoid dehydration- Stick to the clear fluids, but if you think you’re getting dehydrated try a rehydration solution.
  • Know when to call a doctor- If this lasts longer than three days, or you get any of the symptoms described here, it’s time to call.

No one wants to get sick. You can help prevent food poisoning by following the steps mentioned here.

Top 4 Cookbooks of 2016

If you’re someone who loves cooking, then you’ve come to the right place! Two noteworthy patterns rose in the cookbook world this year: an attention on vegetable cooking, and a developing of the individual, historical components of home cooking and cookbooks alike. The last appears to be particularly ascendant: there’s nary a vegetable to be found in Franklin Barbecue, an over the top, authoritative, connecting with manual for smoky meats that was the year’s greatest hit. Check out our top picks.

Top 4 Cookbooks of 2016

Heads Up: Before you read any of these books, it’s best to get yourself composed in your own life. For that very purpose, we recommend reading a few self-help books by Karen Salmansohn to help you out. Once you feel confident and you feel you’re on the right track with your life as well as your career choice, it’s time to pick one of these awesome cookbooks and get to cooking!

Franklin Barbecue
Aaron Franklin and Jordan Mackay

Eater’s cookbook of the year catches the quintessence of Texas grill, as well as pursuing flawlessness in the domain of food. From components manager Helen Rosner’s April audit: “Much similarly that a grill spot isn’t precisely an eatery, and a pit master isn’t precisely a gourmet expert, Franklin Barbecue isn’t precisely a cookbook. There are just eleven formulas: the brisket, obviously, in addition to directions for making pork ribs, meat ribs, a turkey bosom, four sauces, beans, potato serving of mixed greens, and a strikingly decent Cole slaw. That is alright, however. Much like a book of Ono clarifying nigiri, or Starita clarifying a marguerite pie, Franklin’s formulas are futile without the man behind them. Thus the greater part of his book is committed to him accounting for himself, in the great way: it’s a book that unloads his fixations, his manners of thinking, his uncommon spotlight on point of interest and strategy.”

Travis Lett

The cookbook for the Los Angeles eatery share the key to their joyful, vegetable-forward, Cali-Med food. From partner highlights editorial manager Meghan McCarron’s November audit: “The cookbook is at its most beguiling when Lett steps far from theory, when he talks affectionately of the pizza of his New Jersey adolescence, which was surely not privately sourced: ‘Viewing through the stove entryway as the heap of spinach on top of the pizza cooks down and the mixture gradually gets to be secured with salty feta and velvety mozzarella is, just, rad.'”

Mission Chinese
Danny Bowien and Chris Ying

The main cookbook from bi-beach front phenom Danny Bowien is as much a narrative of his offbeat vocation as a manual for the eatery’s famous dishes. From urban areas manager Carolyn Alburger’s case survey: “From his own battles with his mom’s less than ideal demise to collapsing run-ins with the Department of Health, maybe the greatest uncover of all is the way that — in spite of the extremely quick achievement rocket Bowien is by all accounts riding — it’s never been simple, and there are still day by day obstacles to hop along the way. To that end, his authentic composition serves as motivation for companions and a genuine page-turner for his numerous fans, finishing the representation of a greatly well known, hyper-peculiar eatery bunch. At last, it sparkles a light on the Herculean accomplishment that is survival as an inventive in the eatery business.”

Michael Solomonov, Steven Cook

Desired the notable hummus formula, stay for the expanded reflection on cooking cutting edge Israeli food at Michael Solomonov and Steve Cook’s Philadelphia eatery. From Helen Rosner’s October audit: “In Zahav, the formulas don’t end when the food is done cooking — there are guidelines for conveying things to the table, for how to serve, for how to eat, for how to share, for how to wrap up. ‘Unconsciously,’ Solomonov composes, ‘the encounters of growing up Israeli—the very encounters I had released as immaterial to a profession as a genuine gourmet expert—were by one means or another crawling into my cooking.’ The outcome is cooking that feels ideal for both a world-class eatery and a home kitchen, food that is both training and a delight.”

How to Be a Better Cook

It does not necessarily mean that just because you cook or you have been assigned to cook something, you are already good at it. Most people still need to know a lot of skills before they can be considered to be good in cooking.

It is not enough that people are aware of the various recipes that they can follow. It is not only reliant on the recipe. This is somewhat the same with exercising. It does not matter that much that people know how to exercise. The most important thing is that they understand how the cheap adjustable dumbbells can be used. Even if people know the recipe by heart, if they do not understand how they should cook it, nothing good will come out of it.

How to Be a Better Cook

Ways To Be Better at Cooking

In order to become good at cooking, people do not have to make life changing decisions. In fact, simple changes can already make a lot of difference. Here are some of the tips that you have to remember:

Have the entire right equipment ready in your kitchen.

You will not be able to cook French fries appropriately if you are only going to use a frying pan. You would need a deep fryer for that. You also cannot make broth if all you have is a griller. You need to have all the right equipment available in your kitchen and you will see the quality of your food improve as well.

Be organized.

You may not see the need to organize all of the things that you are going to use for the meals that you are going to cook but if you want to make sure that everything will be smooth sailing while you are cooking, you may want to prepare everything ahead of time. You may be surprised with what you will get because of it.

Shop for the right type of ingredients.

You need to make sure that you will pick out the right ingredients that will allow you to cook the meals that you are planning to do. If you can choose organic or if you can make healthier food choices, do not hesitate to do this because this can make a lot of difference with the taste of the food that you are going to cook.

Use the right amount of seasoning.

One of the greatest mistakes of first time cooks is not using or using too much seasoning. When it comes to seasoning, it goes beyond salt and pepper. There are some herbs and spices to consider that admittedly can make a lot of food taste amazing.

Remember that timing is everything.

The right time that you are going to place your onion in in the oil before you place in the other ingredients is crucial. If you would wait before you can put your onion, your oil will be too hot and it will burn your onion.

Once you learn the above mentioned tips, you know that things will be easier for you. Cooking can be done easily and you, you will become a better cook.

Best Chefs of 2015

Best Chefs of 2015

If you are going out for lunch, dinner or a simply snack, one of the reasons is because you do not want to do any cooking. If you are letting someone else cook for you, you want the very best to do the job of filling your stomach. There are many great chefs in America, some that are not recognised for their abilities. Here is a very short list of some of these chefs that make the food in America some of the best in the world.

April Bloomfield

As winner of the James Beard Award for best chef in New York City, April Bloomfield has become one of the most recognisable names on the cooking scene in New York. She own two Michelin star restaurants alongside a few others that consistently receive great reviews. She truly is a star within the chef-world of New York and is rightly receiving the praise for the work she does. Here is a list of some of the places she owns.

• The Spotted Pig. This gastro-pub has been open for 10 years and is Michelin starred. It sits in the centre of the West Village and has become a point of attraction for those who love to eat. This should not be missed if you are visiting New York.

• The Breslin Bar and Restaurant. Similarly a Michelin starred establishment, this is located in Manhattan in the Flainton district. This place prides itself upon meat at the centre of the menu and uses everything, claiming they are a ‘nose-to-tail’ restaurant.

• John Doy Oyster Bar. This place specialises in seafood (surprisingly) and is located in New York’s Ace Hotel. It was opened in January 2011.

• Salvation Taco. Opening in 2012 at Pad 39 Hotel, this place specialises in its namesake. It has tacos, margaritas and more on offer and comes highly recommended.

Dominique Ansel

Having opened Dominique Ansel Bakery in New York, this chef has moved himself firmly into the pastry world of fame with his cooking. His most famous creation, being the ‘cronut’ a mix between a croissant and donut, has been the driving force of his success. He has won many awards for his establishment, which locates itself as a kind of restaurant-bakery hybrid.

Nancy Silverton

Nancy Silverton won the James Beard outstanding chef award for 2014, cementing her position as one of the top chefs to look out for in 2015. She is located in Los Angeles and is famed for her popularisation of sour dough and artisan bread. She studied at Le Cordon Bleu Cooking School in London.checkout more detailed updates at http://www.metrotimes.com/Blogs/archives/2015/02/19/james-beard-foundation-names-three-local-chefs-as-2015-semifinalists

Best Chefs of 2015

If you stick to a restaurant or eatery owned by one of the above, you will not go wrong. This list is far from inclusive however, and there are so many great chefs in America and the World that can serve you up such a range of dishes you will not know what to choose. Nevertheless, a choice from above will inevitably give you a great dining experience, with fantastic and inventive cooking and unforgettable food.