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Best Knife Sharpeners for Cooking

As weird as it may sound a blunt knife is more dangerous than a sharpened one, anyone who’s spent any amount of time in the kitchen cooking will attest to this. A blunt knife cannot do its job properly in the first place and will likely lose grip and cut your hand.

Safety is not the only factor to keep in mind, sharp knives are quicker at doing their job and they also last a lot longer. When you buy a new expensive knife set you want your money to go as far as possible, regular sharpening will take care of that.

Below we’ll be discussing the best tools for sharpening your kitchen knives depending on the scenario. The first is stone, stone sharpeners work away at the metal creating a new edge. The next type of sharpener is the strop refining the blade by the use of leather ultimately creating a super sharp edge. The final type of sharpener is the hone type which is working your knife against a steel rod.

Best Knife Sharpeners for Cooking

Not only are there three types of sharpening device but also several ways these devices can come:

Manual Knife Sharpeners

Manual devices require more man power from you and not good for people with bad grip or motor skills. These come in the form of steel rods which you pull the knife across repeatedly until you get the desired result.

The problem with these types of sharpeners is the person using them needs to be knowledgeable in knife sharpening technique and the right angles to use otherwise your blade will end up worse than when you started.

On the other hand there are ‘pull through’ devices that are still manual but don’t require as much knowledge of grinding angles and work better for people with less motor skills and strength.

Electric Knife Sharpeners

Then there are electronic sharpening devices that are easier on you and don’t take much manual labor (great for older people).

These are a middle ground between manual devices and full blown sharpening systems, for most people electric knife sharpeners are the best option. They come in the form of a small device that can easily sit on your counter with a range of slots, insert your knife in the applicable slot and just wait till the job is done.

Sharpening Systems

Finally sharpening ‘systems’, a whole system set up to sharpen your knife and all you need to do is tweak the settings then let the machine do it job.

As mentioned above certain know sharpeners require knowledge of technique otherwise your knife will come out worse than it was before and you’ll waste a lot of hard earned money. The great thing about knife sharpening systems is you avoid that problem completely. Insert your knife, tweak the settings and let the system get to work. Less hassle, less stress and ultimately less of your hard earned money wasted.

Check online retailers like Ebay and Amazon first (or buy online altogether) before purchasing at an offline retailer to get the best price.

How to Be a Better Cook

It does not necessarily mean that just because you cook or you have been assigned to cook something, you are already good at it. Most people still need to know a lot of skills before they can be considered to be good in cooking.

It is not enough that people are aware of the various recipes that they can follow. It is not only reliant on the recipe. This is somewhat the same with exercising. It does not matter that much that people know how to exercise. The most important thing is that they understand how the cheap adjustable dumbbells can be used. Even if people know the recipe by heart, if they do not understand how they should cook it, nothing good will come out of it.

How to Be a Better Cook

Ways To Be Better at Cooking

In order to become good at cooking, people do not have to make life changing decisions. In fact, simple changes can already make a lot of difference. Here are some of the tips that you have to remember:

Have the entire right equipment ready in your kitchen.

You will not be able to cook French fries appropriately if you are only going to use a frying pan. You would need a deep fryer for that. You also cannot make broth if all you have is a griller. You need to have all the right equipment available in your kitchen and you will see the quality of your food improve as well.

Be organized.

You may not see the need to organize all of the things that you are going to use for the meals that you are going to cook but if you want to make sure that everything will be smooth sailing while you are cooking, you may want to prepare everything ahead of time. You may be surprised with what you will get because of it.

Shop for the right type of ingredients.

You need to make sure that you will pick out the right ingredients that will allow you to cook the meals that you are planning to do. If you can choose organic or if you can make healthier food choices, do not hesitate to do this because this can make a lot of difference with the taste of the food that you are going to cook.

Use the right amount of seasoning.

One of the greatest mistakes of first time cooks is not using or using too much seasoning. When it comes to seasoning, it goes beyond salt and pepper. There are some herbs and spices to consider that admittedly can make a lot of food taste amazing.

Remember that timing is everything.

The right time that you are going to place your onion in in the oil before you place in the other ingredients is crucial. If you would wait before you can put your onion, your oil will be too hot and it will burn your onion.

Once you learn the above mentioned tips, you know that things will be easier for you. Cooking can be done easily and you, you will become a better cook.