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Why cooking is good for you

With takeout busy schedules and restaurants we are not paying much attention to our kitchens and the fine art of cooking. This is unfortunately not the healthiest option for us. Our bodies don’t like the unhealthy foods that we are consuming on a daily basis because we don’t have time to cook anymore. It is unfortunate that the bad foods have become irresistible and that these foods contain ingredients that make us crave fat, sugar and other bad things more. It is almost a bit of trickery conducted by our brains telling us that we need more. It is time to get back in the kitchen. The toll diabetes is taking on people in the US is living proof of how dangerous our food choices have become. It is said that one in four children have pre-diabetes or diabetes type 2. That is scary! Click here for more diabetes statistics.

Why cooking is good for you

So where do we begin to rectify this dire situation? We have to start in our kitchen and with the food we eat. It is time for a culinary makeover.  Fatty foods aren’t good for us and cholesterol is also popping out its ugly head more than it should. Take a look at Dove Press for some very interesting medical research and study information that will let you know what is being invented in the medical industry and where we stand with medical technology. We need to go back to the drawing board and start cooking real food. This starts with good stuff like our leafy greens and organic food.

The biggest mistake people make is by thinking that they are actually saving money by ordering takeaways. It is shown that cooking at home will save you a bundle and you will get to enjoy the benefit and therapeutic qualities that can only be experienced by cooking a meal at home. The best part about cooking your food at home is that you will actually be completely aware of what you eat. I have found various questionable items in my takeout order before which made me gag at the fast-food industry. Click here to take a look at some of the worst things found in takeaways.

We can almost say that is time to start a food revolution. We should fight back by doing a major cleanup in our kitchens. Get rid of the fatty and processed foods and replace it with healthier options. Your children will only reap the benefits of this exercise because lunches must also be packed and healthier. They say that you feel the benefits of a healthier lifestyle right away and that you can decrease your chances of heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure tenfold. All of these reasons truly justify cooking and eating at home.  Once you have gotten rid of the bad food in your home make a family day of it and go shopping at the fresh produce market and the trusted butcher around the corner. Support local suppliers to make sure you always get the best quality and explore with new recipes.